21 new year’s resolutions for real estate agents in 2021

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21 new year’s resolutions for real estate agents in 2021
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on Dec 21, 2020

Looking at the past year, hindsight is 2020. If you’re stuck for new year’s resolutions for 2021, we’ve got you covered.

From productivity to marketing to work-life balance, we’ve rounded up 21 new year’s resolutions for real estate agents, principals and property managers alike.

1. Resolve to be more proactive in the new year. Jot down all the things you want to achieve in 2021 and break down the steps required to achieve each goal. Whether you're trying to live a healthier life, achieve a better work-life balance, communicate with your clients more or grow your rent roll, progress starts with baby steps.

2. Implement these surprisingly simple ways to boost productivity and do more in 2021. Condense your reading list, automate where you can, follow the 20-20-20 rule, stop multitasking and store everything in the cloud.

New Years Resolutions for Agents 2021 productivity

3. Post consistently on social media to increase brand awareness, engage potential clients and generate leads. Here are some real estate social media ideas and real estate newsletter ideas and to help you out.

4. Stop making these property management mistakes and stop making these trust accounting mistakes. The first step is recognising what areas you can improve on then taking the necessary steps to improve and achieve your goals.

5. Make more real estate videos to set yourself apart from other agents. Here are some great real estate marketing video ideas and the best video apps to use.

6. Reach out to local businesses and form mutually beneficial partnerships. For example, you could partner with a well-loved local bakery to host a virtual bake along event. This is great for brand awareness and deepening your relationship with the community.

7. Stop worrying about real estate robots replacing you and focus on upskilling instead. Chief inventor of the REA Group, Nigel Dalton, asserted that they would only replace the “average real estate agent” in areas that require predictable physical work, processing data and data collection.

8. Breathe. Always remember to take time out for yourself and the things that you enjoy doing outside of work. You’re only human after all. 

New Years Resolutions for Agents 2021 breathe

9. Adopt new technologies such as AR/VR, mobile apps, AI, automation and cloud tech to streamline your processes and discover opportunities for growth. Here are some incredibly useful tech tools every agent needs and real estate tech trends to watch out for in 2021.

10. Update your headshot on your website, social media channels and listing portal pages. While you’re at it, you could also invest in a company photoshoot to refresh your assets and marketing collateral.

11. Spend a few minutes a day meditating to help you focus more, sleep better and reduce property management stress. You can use an app like Headspace or Calm to guide you. It’s life-changing!

12. Ramp up your business security with two-factor authentication, strong passwords and updated software. 

New Years Resolutions for Agents 2021 security

13. Listen to more real estate podcasts during your commute to and from inspections and open homes. Staying up to date with market trends and industry news is key to being a great property manager.

14. Focus on improving tenant relations to ensure retention and lower vacancy rates. Here are some things you can do to make your tenants feel more at home and 52 things you can put in your tenant welcome basket.

15. Foster a culture of transparency and inclusivity to ensure your team feels supported. After all, poor company culture can cause even the best property managers to leave. Read more on why property managers leave.

16. Work smarter by prioritising by impact rather than urgency. By following the Eisenhower Matrix, you can produce the most impactful work in the least amount of time while reducing stress and burnout.

17. Focus on the customer experience to pre-empt customer service issues and questions. Not only does this help increase customer satisfaction, but it can also create a lasting impression and help bring in new business.

18. Retain a student mentality so that you're always learning about new legislation, real estate pricing psychology, best practices and property trends. Be sure to subscribe to these property management blogs, attend various real estate conferences and enrol in training and development courses.

19. Embrace change and upgrade to the cloud. Failure to change with the times means you’ll fall behind your more tech-savvy and efficient competitors. There are many benefits of cloud property software including the ability to go paperless and greater accessibility, scalability, cost efficiency and security.

20. Nurture relationships with tenants and owners. This can be as simple as a phone call or text message every few weeks to ask how things are going or when a special occasion arises. As competition heats up, this personal touch can serve as a point of differentiation to help you outperform your competitors.

21. Do something that scares you every now and then. After all, growth happens outside your comfort zone. Here are some ideas to get you started:

New Years Resolutions for Agents 2021 podcast

Lastly, be sure to plaster your resolutions everywhere to visually remind yourself of your goals. If you tend to put your resolutions on the backburner once the new year rolls around, be sure to focus on one resolution at a time. This will help you stay on track and focus on specific and actionable tasks to get the ball rolling.

Hopefully this list of New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents has given you some inspiration for the new year. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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