that take the work out of your workflows



Message Automation

Utilise our suite of ready-made templates to create personalised emails, letters and SMS. Automate the delivery of these messages to your owners, tenants and suppliers with customisable triggers.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed

Easily review your work with separate activity feeds for properties, contacts and jobs, all with time stamped comments such as when a job was approved and comments on a tenant or property.



Streamline your internal communications by mentioning your team members directly from the activity feed of a property, contact, inspection, job, task or even a message. This ensures all internal communications are attached to the relevant page and nothing ever gets missed.



Send your contacts SMS messages from PropertyMe with:

  • Ready-made and customisable message templates
  • Bulk and individual preferences
  • Pay as you go, no monthly fee
  • Auto top-up of credits

Inbound SMS

Easily access all your communications from one unified Inbox. No more switching between your mobile phone and desktop.

One unified Inbox
See what your teammates are saying
Link SMS to Jobs and more
Never miss a message with instant alerts


Owner Access

Give your owners a superior customer experience with 24/7 access to their property information.

Owners can:

  • See the current financial status of all their properties
  • View photos and details of their property
  • Drill into financial activity
  • Download historical statements, bills, and documents
  • Keep track of jobs and inspections

Tenant Access

Your tenants can manage everything from the palm of their hand and on their desktop.

With PropertyMe Tenant, your tenants can:

  • Pay rent and invoices via MePay
  • View property and lease information
  • See upcoming events like inspections
  • See when rent and bills are due
  • Easily access all their documents
  • Log and monitor maintenance requests
  • Message dedicated property manager directly
  • Download rent receipts
PropertyMe App

PropertyMe app for owners and tenants

The all-in-one solution for tenants and owners. The PropertyMe app provides a complete birds-eye view of property info and documents and lets clients quickly and easily connect with their Property Manager on upcoming activities.

The full suite of Owner Access and Tenant Access features — built for mobile, in a single convenient app.



Generate beautiful owner and supplier statements with the option to easily print or email.


Paperless Entry Inspections

Paperless Entry Inspections

PropertyMe’s digital entry inspections are simple to use, compliant, and completely paperless — all within your platform and apps, including signatures, photos, comments and document storage.

You can:

  • See all inspection statuses from your PropertyMe dashboard
  • Monitor overdue actions and bulk message tenants
  • Generate entry and exit reports with digital signatures
  • Send inspections to tenants digitally for paperless completion


Using integrated geodata PropertyMe automatically creates a customised inspection itinerary for you, complete with distances and drive times between properties.

You can:

  • Schedule inspections via a map view
  • Drag and drop inspections to reorder your itinerary
  • Set desired start location and duration
  • Send automated notices to tenants


Inspections allows you to plan, schedule and conduct inspections, all in the one place.

You can:

  • Send notices and reminders to tenants of their inspection time
  • Use the PropertyMe Manager app to take photos and dictation
  • Create inspection reports for your owners, complete with photos and comments
  • Generate entry and exit reports
  • Customise the inspection areas to work for you
  • Highlight follow up actions and rent reviews for your owner
  • Generates next inspection date based on frequency


Generate detailed inspection reports for your owners, complete with photos and comments.



Mitigate risk by giving your tenants the ability to complete routine inspections.




Manage your entire maintenance workflow in Jobs with clever automation tools to save you time.

You can:

  • Add and edit jobs in a few easy steps
  • Drag and drop images and documents into each job
  • Track the status of all your jobs from start to finish
  • Request Job Quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Send triggered messages to suppliers, owners and tenants
  • Search and filter jobs

Bill Management

Bills AI

Bills AI

Enhance your every day with the power of AI for faster and more accurate Bill processing.

You can:

  • Scan all types of Bills including carbon copy and tradie-scrawl
  • Bulk upload and batch process Bills
  • Unlock enhanced tenant water invoicing features

Recurring Invoices

This handy tool is designed to save you hours each week by simplifying your commercial invoicing.

Automatically send out any ongoing charges related to your tenancy, such as fixed outgoings and maintenance contributions with Recurring Invoices.


Bill Approvals

Minimise the chances of fraud or misconduct by adding an extra layer of security to your bill approval process.


Bill Scanning

Scan and pay supplier and utility bills on behalf of your owners in a matter of seconds.

PropertyMe reads the barcode or QR code on any bills when you scan them in and allocates the bill against the appropriate supplier and property with the dollar amount.


BPAY Batch

Your BPAY biller code and reference is captured automatically when you scan bills with barcodes or QR codes. When these bills are paid, usually at a disbursement, you can export a transaction file to pay multiple BPAY bills at the same time, just like EFT.


Tenancy and Arrears

Tenancy and Arrears Management

Adjust the rent or add a rent credit to a tenancy as needed.


Automation Studio

Automate your work like magic with Automation Studio.

Trust Accounting


Import Transactions

Simply import your transaction files and let PropertyMe do the data entry and balancing for you.

Currently we support OFX, BRF, PAY, TXN, QIF and Westpac PayWay RECall bank file types.


Bank Feeds

Automatically pull all your bank transaction data directly into PropertyMe.



Reconcile transactions against your bank account to ensure all your transactions are correct.



Easily process single or bulk disbursements with different payment options for your owners and suppliers.

You can also set up triggers to control when an owner is due to be disbursed. This trigger may be by date or based on the balance in the owners account, or both. The dashboard then reminds you know who needs to be paid out when.


Audit Reporting

Store all audit reports and statements and automatically group transactions by calendar month.

Sales Trust

Sales Trust Accounting

PropertyMe allows you to:

  • Create a Sales Agreement against a property
  • Process a Sales Receipt, taking money from the seller, buyer or anyone else
  • Move the Sale between the stages of ‘Listed’ and ‘Contracted’
  • Create a Sales Statement for your seller
  • Track all transactions in the usual way through your financial reporting

Automated Fees

Automatically charge a range of fees to your owner including management, letting and administration.


Properties and Client Views

Properties and Client Views

Flexibility to easily switch between property and client views as you need. All relevant information, including activity and documents, is populated in both views so you can find what you need at a glance and drill in for more information.

Key Management

Key Management

Easily track the keys to your properties with our new Key Management feature. Identify exactly when keys have been checked in and out of the office. Plus, easily view when a key is overdue and for how many days.


Connect to all your favourite property listing sites with our new Listings feature.

Easily add, edit, publish and remove your rental and sales property listings to sites like realestate.com.au and more.

Insights and Reports

Insights and Reports

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with customised KPIs. Gain a deeper insight into properties gained and lost, tenants in arrears, average reply time, open conversations and overdue tasks.

Tasks Templates & Checklists

Master your to-do list like never before

Stay organised, set priorities, and create consistent processes with Tasks, Templates, and Checklists.