Automation Studio

Easy automation for busy Property Managers

Automate your work like magic with Automation Studio

Build swift automations that take care of your repetitive tasks

Set up automations in minutes, save hours each day

Now available on PropertyMe’s Standard Plan

You’re in control

Easily visualise, build, and personalise your own automations focused on your business’ needs. You set the rules — we’ll run the entire process for you. Set up flexible or scheduled automations and watch them run when you’re ready.

Try out your first automation with Arrears Automation

Our very first automation helps you with one of your most time-consuming tasks, arrears communications! Simply select the day, trigger and specific message you’d like to send and our automation engine will deliver these out according to the schedule you set. Take it for a spin today!

Save hours each day

In a few simple clicks, you can build your own automations so you get more time to focus on other tasks.

Frequently asked questions

How do I activate Automation Studio?

Automation Studio is a PropertyMe Standard Plan feature. If you are already a PropertyMe user, feel free to learn more about PropertyMe Standard Plan here. Alternatively, you can activate your Standard Plan account here today.

Not yet a PropertyMe user? Book in a free demo with our friendly staff here today: Book a demo.

What automations can I run inside Automation Studio?

Currently, you can run Arrears Automations if you are a PropertyMe Standard Plan user.