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Complete feature set

Unlimited access to our basic plan features, plus Listings, Bank Feeds, Bill Approvals and Insights.

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Decrease business overheads and speed up trust accounting and marketing while eliminating the risk of human error.

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Uncover areas of optimisation and opportunities for growth and expansion.

Basic Plan

  • Bills AI Learn more

  • MePay Learn more

  • Trust accounting and reporting

  • Import transaction files

  • Management dashboard

  • Tasks, Jobs and Inspections

  • Messages

  • Owner and Tenant Access

  • PropertyMe app for clients Learn more

  • Mobile apps for Messages, Jobs, and Inspections

  • Unlimited support and live online training

  • Cloud storage – Upload documents and files up to 20MB each

Standard Plan

  • All Basic Plan features

  • Xero Integration

  • Cloud storage – Upload documents and files up to 100MB each

  • Paperless Entry Inspections – Simple to use, compliant and completely paperless Learn more

  • Tasks, Templates, and Checklists – Master your to-do list like never before Learn more

  • Lease Renewals – Streamlined, centralised, sorted. Learn more

  • Automation Studio – Automate your work like magic: Arrears Automation now available Learn more

  • Paperless Inspections – PropertyMe’s digital inspections are simple to use, compliant, and completely paperless — all within your platform and apps Learn more

  • Inbound SMS – Streamline your communications with this brand new feature Learn more

  • Recurring Invoices – Automatically send invoices ⁠at any frequency you like Learn more

  • Listings – Easily market your properties on listing portals Learn more

  • Bank Feeds – Link your trust account to PropertyMe for automatic reconciliations Learn more

  • Bill Approvals – Greater control over the approval of bills Learn more

  • Insights dashboard and report – KPIs to uncover opportunities and inform growth Learn more

  • Key Management – Easily track exactly when your property keys have been checked in and out of the office Learn more

Lease Renewals

From a comprehensive summary view, to a detailed comment-by-comment activity feed, the Lease Renewals hub is a centralised powerhouse that allows your team to collaborate easily, communicate internally and with clients, and consistently deliver exceptional experiences for their clients.

Paperless Entry Inspections

From a single app tenants can access what they need in real time, providing a streamlined communication path and improved customer experience. Tenants can stay organised with due date prompts and complete their Entry Inspection Report digitally, including photos, comments and signatures.

Inbound SMS

Streamline your communications with this brand new feature. Inbound SMS makes it possible for you to send, respond, search and view all your email and SMS messages in one convenient location. No more switching between devices.

Recurring Invoices

This powerful feature allows you to set up an invoice once and allocate how many days in advance you would like to send it out prior to the due date. Now it’s easier than ever to manage your commercial invoicing.


Easily market your properties on listing portals such as Domain, Realestate.com.au and Rent.com.au. Manage the sales and leasing process from listing creation to website and portal push using PropertyMe.

Bank Feeds

Forget about manually downloading and importing transactions. Bank transaction data is automatically imported into PropertyMe and matched to different parts of your portfolio. All you have to do is process the transactions to reconcile your accounts.

Bill Approvals

Eliminate processing errors, fraud and misconduct with greater control over the approval of bills. Designate one or select team members to approve bills as they are added into PropertyMe and set up auto-approval for trusted suppliers.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your business and uncover trends and opportunities for growth with customised KPIs and detailed reporting. Gain a deeper insight into properties gained and lost, tenants in arrears, average reply time, overdue tasks and more.