Bills AI

Go beyond Bill Scanning with Bills AI

Enhance your everyday with the power of AI

Beyond barcodes

Bill processing can now read carbon copy and tradie-scrawl.

Beyond bill-by-bill

Eliminate single bill processing, with bulk uploads and Al powered batching.

Beyond basic water invoicing

Enhance tenant invoicing with new tenant alerts, meter and usage readings.

Scan all types of bills

Through the sophistication of AI, scan a diverse range of bills including those without barcodes, such as plumbing, electrical, smoke alarm and even handwritten invoices.

Bulk create bills and invoices

Bills AI processes bills attached to multiple emails from the PropertyMe invoice in a single click. Pre-configured merge fields then minimise manual data entry for bill and invoice descriptions.

Enhanced tenant water invoicing

Bills AI connects seamlessly with your Paperless Entry Inspection to extract crucial data such as water meter reading and tenancy start date, as well as auto-populates the tenant invoice amount with water consumption charges.

The Loop feature release webinar

Catch up on our first Loop episode for 2024, an epic triple release with Paperless Entry Inspections, Bills AI and two new ways to invoice tenant water usage.