Lease Renewals

Navigate lease renewals with ease, with a simple, streamlined rental review and renewal process.

Streamlined, centralised, sorted.

Collaborate as a team

From the Lease Renewals details view, with shared tasks, @mentions and more.

One source of truth

Pulling information from across the PropertyMe platform, the streamlined summary view and detail view provide a consistent source of up-to-date details for the whole team to work from.

A quality experience

With features marked to improve the overall experience for owners, tenants, Property Managers and Principals or Department Heads. Read on to learn how!

Communication features

The Lease Renewal detail view lets Department Heads, Property Managers, Assistants and Leasing Executives communicate quickly and easily off a centralised hub, with @mentions and comments for internal notes as well as templates for emails, SMS, letters and merge fields for accuracy and efficiency. One source of truth, in real-time powers every part of the process.

Apply templates for quality and consistency

Integration with PropertyMe Tasks, Templates and Checklists means your quality-controlled processes are actionable right where you need them. Whether you work from the Lease Renewals detail view or your everyday Task view, each item syncs in real-time, so you never skip a step or lose your place. Add due dates and priorities to focus on what matters most and smash every deadline.

Streamline your solution to work off the same page

From a comprehensive summary view to a detailed comment-by-comment activity feed, the Lease Renewals hub is a centralised powerhouse that allows your team to collaborate easily, communicate internally and with clients, and consistently deliver exceptional experiences for their clients.