Secure. Transparent. Free

MePay streamlines your rental payment process for a better experience for Property Managers and tenants.

Accessible for you and your tenants

Our new feature is included in your PropertyMe subscription, regardless of which plan you are on. Additionally, MePay direct debit is free to use for your tenants! Currently, all third-party payment platforms charge a fee at some point, even direct deposits have fees for excess transitions. With MePay, everyone wins.

Stay ahead with real-time updates

MePay is the only product that records payments in real-time with no importing of transaction files or next-day receipt matching to be done. This gives you full visibility on what has been paid in real-time ⁠— never chase arrears that have been paid again.

Reduce admin with automation

Payments are processed without the agency needing to do anything ⁠— it happens even when the office is closed. Tenants are automatically reminded about auto payments, reducing admin overhead.

Fully integrated and easy to use

MePay is fully integrated throughout the PropertyMe platform, streamlining the experience for you, your team, and your tenants.

Agents + Co find MePay to be a game changer

Driven to be at the forefront of her industry, Eleni Romanous understands the impact of using technology to enhance her customers’ experiences. Find out how the team from Agents + Co use MePay to improve their property Management processes.