Audit reporting

Filter by transaction date

You can filter all audit reports and statements by transaction date.


Reports for extracting all the information you need from PropertyMe. This includes Reconciliation, Unreconciled Items, Folio Ledger, Trial Balance, Transaction Audit, Cashbook and Journals.

Reporting Glossary


Reconciliation shows the matching between what has occurred in PropertyMe and what has occurred at the bank.

Unreconciled Items

Unreconciled Items shows which deposits or payments are yet to reach or be withdrawn from the trust account.

Folio Ledger

Folio Ledger shows details for all transactions that travel through owner, supplier, tenant and sales folios.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance displays the closing balance contained in each folio.

Transaction Audit

Transaction Audit is a record of all transactions within the portfolio.


Cashbook displays a record of all receipts and withdrawals.


Journals is a report that displays a record of all journal transactions, most commonly the bill payments