PropertyMe reviews: Hear it from these property managers


PropertyMe reviews: Hear it from these property managers
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on Sep 19, 2017

Looking for the best property management software in Australia?

We could give you the whole spiel about how PropertyMe is game-changing cloud property management software that you can access from anywhere, anytime. But you probably know all that already.

So don’t just hear it from us! Here are seven PropertyMe reviews from seven property managers:

1. Jobs well done

“I absolutely LOVE the ease of keeping track of maintenance and logging job orders,” says Allison Cunningham of Pinpoint Property.

With PropertyMe, you can stress less and get more done. In a few easy steps, assign jobs, add images and send messages to your suppliers and owners. Read more about Jobs.

Whatsmore, your owners can log into their Owners Portal at anytime to check the status of any outstanding Jobs to see when it was reported, who the assigned supplier is and any attached images and bills (image below).

PropertyMe Jobs Owner Portal

2. Smooth migration and streamlined support

“Our office has just migrated to PropertyMe. We completed a lot of trial migrates before going live so it meant that our data was as clean as it could possibly be” and “the support and assistance from the team at PropertyMe was nothing short of absolute excellence,” says Tarnya Murtha of Ray White Kirwan.

Prior to PropertyMe, Tarnya used two different property management software systems but found PropertyMe to be “by far a more user friendly and superior software system”.

“I would fully recommend it to all PM offices,” asserts Tarnya.

3. Time-saving automation

"The automation within PropertyMe has saved us the equivalent of one working day a week!" says Jason Hetherington of Property Pursuit.

PropertyMe’s built-in automation not only simplifies your workload but also saves you time and money. You can scan bills with barcodes and let PropertyMe do all the data entry for you, perform End of Month in minutes and import your bank data to reconcile automatically.

There’s also a lot of automation built around PropertyMe’s Messages feature. You can take advantage of triggers to create automated emails or SMS once specific actions are completed in PropertyMe and capture all inbound messages automatically in your inbox too.

4. Easy-to-use interface and phenomenal support

Brad Minhinnick of Link Living Morningside says that PropertyMe is a “fantastic cloud-based property management system”. He has used two other property management software systems before switching to PropertyMe and “will never look back”.

“The user-interface is friendly, really easy to use and the support is phenomenal!” asserts Brad.

In case you’re curious, here’s a screenshot of the PropertyMe Dashboard:

new dashboard

Additionally, Brad is a fan of the “Feature Requests” section in the PropertyMe Community. This is where PropertyMe users can suggest or vote for new features and feature improvements.

“Would recommend 10/10,” Brad concludes.

5. Incredibly easy transition

"Even with a large rent roll, our transition was incredibly easy and PropertyMe exceeded expectations!" exclaims Kelly Higgins of MPM Property.

MigrateMe PropertyMe transition

With PropertyMe, you can be up and running in no time with our product specialists and comprehensive migration tool. Currently, it’s available for REST, Console Gateway, Console Cloud, Console RPO, REI Master and PropertyTree transitions. Read more about Data Migration.

6. Unprecedented business confidence

“I have never felt so confident in a system knowing it was the best decision for my business,” says Michael Estephan of Estephan Realty.

“The integration from our old system to PropertyMe was the most simple transition and we were able to recreate our company database and reconcile up to that date by the first day of training. Highly recommended.”

As a property manager, your property management software forms a big part of your day-to-day. That’s why it’s so important to find a reliable system like PropertyMe that gives you confidence that everything will run smoothly. In turn, this will reduce your manual workload and free you up to focus on strategy and relationships.

7. Increased productivity and efficiency

“I’ve actually done End of Month and Mid-month at an Open Home. It’s that easy!” exclaims Danielle Hajidavid of Deville Estate Agency.

Prior to switching to PropertyMe, Deville Estate Agency used traditional property management software and stored their data on local servers. It was only after their data was held ransom that they switched to PropertyMe. The increased security of cloud property software (128 bit SSL encryption is the same used for internet banking) was their saving grace.

Additionally, since your data is stored on the PropertyMe cloud, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. This not only reduces downtime but also allows for easier collaboration, greater flexibility and increased productivity in the long run. Read more about how Danielle did End of Month at an Open Home.

Thanks for reading! We would also like to thank all the wonderful PropertyMe customers who took the time to leave us their reviews, feedback and kind words.

If you’re looking for game-changing online property management software, be sure to check out PropertyMe and book a demo today.

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