41 property managers tell us their favourite PropertyMe feature


41 property managers tell us their favourite PropertyMe feature

While we receive lots of positive feedback on a regular basis, we were completely overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by all the love we received on our recent Facebook post

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone in the PropertyMe community who took the time to tell us their favourite feature.

Without further ado, here are 41 property managers with their favourite PropertyMe features:

1. Arrears and invoice management
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 1

Keep your arrears rate at a comfortable level with arrears at a glance, message templates and triggered notices. Learn more about Tenancy and Arrears Management.

2. Automated Jobs workflow
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 2

The Jobs workflow is designed to keep your owners and tenants in the loop with maintenance requests. Drag and drop images and documents, obtain job quotes and approve jobs in a few clicks.

3. Disbursements in minutes
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 3

Perform single or bulk disbursements to owners and suppliers in minutes, not hours.

4. Document storage and mobile app
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 4

Store all of your documents online against a property, owner, tenant, task, job and more. Go paperless and have access to all your documents on the go.

5. Time-saving workflows
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 5

PropertyMe has everything you need to manage your properties. See how you can increase your efficiency with a free demo.

6. Enhanced communications
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 6

With an inbox and outbox, you can send and receive emails and SMS straight back into your PropertyMe portfolio. Learn more about how you can enhance your communications with PropertyMe.

7. User-friendly system and awesome support
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 7

Our friendly support team is always happy to help! Check out all our support options here.

8. Drop and drop bills
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 8

You can drag and drop bills with barcodes or QR codes into PropertyMe. Bills are automatically allocated against the appropriate supplier and property with the dollar amount.

9. Accounting period
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 9

Marie Kondo would be proud of your clean and tidy ledger, Jane.

10. Feedback request message template
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 10

We’re always looking for ways to help you optimise your business and improve your customer service offering.

11. Message templates
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 11

Utilise our suite of ready-made message templates to create personalised emails, letters and SMS.

12. Vacancy rates at a glance
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 12

Easily monitor your vacancy rates with real time tracking. Click on the Vacancies widget to view vacant properties.

13. Seamless inspections
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 13

With PropertyMe, there’s no need for a separate inspections software. Learn more about inspections in PropertyMe.

14. Ease of use
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 14

PropertyMe’s ease of use has helped thousands of agencies decrease the time and costs outlayed for team training.

15. Fantastic onboarding and support
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 15

After all, our onboarding journey is unmatched.

16. Document storage
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 16

Reduce your overheads and save the environment while you’re at it!

17. Reminders for compliance
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 17

Reminders is an easy way to keep track of smoke alarm and pool compliance as well as more general tasks like knowing when your owner’s landlord insurance policy is expiring.

18. End of month workflow
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 18

With PropertyMe in the cloud, you can save time and money with automatic backups and upgrades, end of month in minutes and access to your data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

19. Labels to filter properties
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 19

Here’s how how to use labels in PropertyMe.

20. Simple trust accounting
Favourite PropertyMe Feature 20

With the click of a button PropertyMe disburses funds to the selected owner and suppliers and generates messages with attached statements and bills.

21. Triggered messages for maintenance
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Annie

Keep tenants and owners in the loop easily and efficiently.

Jobs reported Triggered Messages for Maintenance
22. Reconciliation and automatic rent reminders
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Cherie

Reconciliation is a breeze in PropertyMe. Simply import your bank file and PropertyMe will do the data entry and balancing for you.

23. Trust accounting and owner access
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Kellie

With owner access, your landlords can log into their account to check on their property and financial information, from anywhere, anytime.

24. The helpful PropertyMe staff
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Dianne

Our Facebook page says it all – there’s lots of love for our staff over in the reviews section!

25. Access from anywhere, anytime
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Kylie

There are so many benefits of cloud-based property management software. Check out the top six benefits here.

26. PropertyMe agent app
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Tahlia

With the PropertyMe agent app, you can easily collaborate with your team from the road with all your data and tools right in the palm of your hand.

27. Quick and easy mid and end of month
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Kristin

With PropertyMe, mid and end of month is so easy that one of our subscribers has run it from an open home.

28. Dashboard doting
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Kyla

The PropertyMe dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of everything in your portfolio including your rent arrears, outbox, disbursements, bills overdue, withdrawals, vacancies, inspections and jobs, just to name a few.

29. Automated communications
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Elley

With PropertyMe, you can trigger automated messages once you action a specific task, saving you time and money. Check out our feature spotlight on messages here.

30. Sales trust accounting magic
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Matt

Sales and property management trust accounting all in the one place.

31. Contact alerts
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Mel

Within a contact, you can create alerts to be shown on a property, job or inspection. You can even colour code the alerts depending on the urgency.

32. Time-saving receipting
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Melanie

So in a year, property managers like Melanie save 11,700 minutes, which is equivalent to more than five working weeks each year.

33. Streamlined job quotes
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Melinda

Sometimes your owner may request a few quotes before they approve the job. We’ve made this process a lot more streamlined so you can easily and efficiently manage the quotes process. 

PropertyMe Job Quotes
34. The little details
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Penelope

“You have my vote for property manager of the year!”

35. User-friendly and systematic
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Peter

User-friendly is our middle name.

36. Dashboard overview
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Rebecca

The dashboard provides an overview of important parts of your portfolio to better inform your business decisions. If you need more information, you can click on a tile and drill into specific parts of your portfolio.

37. Ease of use
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Ryan

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

38. Cloud-based nature
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Shannon

You can log into PropertyMe from wherever you are, on any device, whenever you want!

39. Streamlined support
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Shelley

Our friendly support team is always here to help! We also provide unlimited online support and access to our knowledge base, user forum, videos tutorials and training sessions.

40. Triggered messages that enhance communication
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Brad

Increase transparency and enhance communication while saving bucket loads of time with automated messages.

41. Ease of use, cost effectiveness and helpful staff
Favourite PropertyMe Feature Your Haven Realty 1

We know that as a property manager, you have to juggle a million different things on an everyday basis. That’s why we’ve built a lot of automation into PropertyMe to save you time and make your life easier!

Here at PropertyMe, we’re paving the way for online property management software in Australia and release new features often. If you’re a PropertyMe customer, be sure to head on over to the PropertyMe community to submit a feature request.

If you’re looking for cloud property management software that grows with you, check out our features or read more PropertyMe reviews here. When you’re ready, book in a free demo and our product specialists will run you through PropertyMe and answer any questions you might have.

Did we miss your favourite feature in 41 Property Managers Tell Us Their Favourite PropertyMe Feature? Please email [email protected] to let us know.