How PropertyMe Can Simplify Your Workload

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on Apr 22, 2016

As property managers, there is no shortage of unforeseen issues that can make your working day a long, exhausting one. Throw in a clunky, outdated software that was developed in the previous century, and it can be enough to send you up the walls. Thankfully, tearing your hair out while sitting at your computer need not be a prerequisite to surviving the working day. Developed with ‘simplicity’ in mind, our cloud-based property management software is focused on being fast, clean, and user-friendly, minimising the time and effort required at your end. Being a new product on the market, we had the opportunity to listen to the calls and complaints within the industry, and create a cloud software that accurately reflects the day-to-day needs of the modern property manager. Based on feedback, here are three simple features that could make a big difference in the way you manage properties by simplifying your workload, and in turn, minimising those infuriating moments at your computer. Without further ado, here's how PropertyMe can simplify your workload:

Property Owner’s Portal

Tired of repeated, unnecessary interactions with owners in regards to a statement that didn’t show up or was lost? The PropertyMe owner’s portal allows your landlords to login and access information about their property whenever they want, letting you get back to taking care of other things. Aside from the ease-of-use for both parties, it helps you stand above the competition as an organised manager who can offer constant transparency for their landlords. Some of the things your landlords can now access through their portal include:

  • The current financial status of all their properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • All general scanned documents attached to the owners folio
  • Photos and details for the property and tenancy
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections (1)

PropertyMe App

Like all jobs, property management will still have its hair pulling moments, although we’re confident it won’t be because of our software, and it certainly doesn’t have to be at your computer. Like all modern-day essentials, the PropertyMe mobile and tablet app lets you perform your tasks from the palm of your hand. It's mobile property management software at its finest. Accessible on iPhone and iPad, you can perform a multitude of tasks, including: Take Your Inspection Tools With You

  • Take photos with your device and notes with voice recognition
  • Send notices and reminders via sms to tenants of their inspection time
  • Create new inspections on the go
  • Customise the inspection areas to work for you
  • Highlight follow up actions and rent reviews for your owner

Keep Track Of Your Jobs

  • Create new jobs on the run
  • Change the status of jobs as they progress, so everyone is in the loop
  • View property information and contact details of tenants and owners

Search Your Contacts

  • View all your properties in an easy to navigate format
  • Clearly presented property information for quick reference
  • Search your contacts by owner, tenant and supplier


With automatic emails created once you action a specific task within PropertyMe, your communications are made simple. Need to fix a leaking tap? Your plumber will be notified the moment you enter the details. With ready-made templates, as well as the option to create your own, the look and feel of your communication will maintain consistency. Lastly, every message is recorded, creating an automatic track history for you to access whenever you need a snapshot of the property’s history. Want a more in-depth run through of these awesome features? Request a demo and experience the power of our cloud-based property management software for yourself.