Case Study: First National Lakeshores

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Case Study: First National Lakeshores

Since First National Real Estate Lakeshores migrated to PropertyMe nine months ago, they’ve realised a plethora of benefits such as cost savings due to reduced add-ons and improved communication. Here’s their PropertyMe Customer Story:

Hi Mark, can you tell us a little more about yourself and First National Lakeshores?

My name’s Mark Millington. I’m the principal here at First National Real Estate Lakeshores. We’re on the top end of the Central Coast. My role here in the office is obviously running the business as a principal but we also spend a lot of time working with our property managers and improving the system.

What problems did you have with your property management software prior to joining PropertyMe?

We got towards the end of last year and we were looking at what we could do to change and improve our property management division in our company. At that point, we realised that we were running up to about eight or nine different programs, alongside our core property management program, to be able to manage the client needs and the service we wanted to deliver.

Then we started looking around to find something that would do that in one place. To do the complete job of looking after the service we wanted to deliver to our clients meant that we used add-on products. So we had an inspection app to do our routine inspections, we have a leasing app to do that, we had a maintenance manager program…so we had lots of other programs, rather than just a core program to look after everything.

How has PropertyMe changed the way you do things at First National Lakeshores?

We switched over to PropertyMe nine months ago and since then we’ve been able to reduce all of the add-on products into our business so that now PropertyMe really is the program that looks after our property management division. It looks after all our tenants, our clients, maintenance…everything that we need to do.

And for us, it’s really improved the communication with our landlords and our tenants. Having the maintenance now and really the communication or the email and having an integrated inbox solved lots of those problems, so we could bring maintenance back into PropertyMe.

The inspection app for routine inspections and ingoing inspections is fantastic so we’re able to not use an add-on product to do that now.

What was the transition to PropertyMe like?

The transition was…I’m going to say ridiculously easy. It was something that, as a business owner, you’re always worried about migrating data and what happens if you’re missing things or something didn’t come over, but the migration was seamless for us.

Since the day we switched over to PropertyMe, we’ve not been back into our previous property management program.

Everyone kind of holds back because of the migration and the change but it’s been the single, biggest, most effective change we’ve made in our property management division in the last 15 years.

Watch the full PropertyMe Customer Story below:

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