Case Study: 360 Property Management Mackay

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Case Study: 360 Property Management Mackay

With a property management career spanning more than 20 years, Angie Wallwork has a world of experience under her belt and is currently the Principal of 360 Property Management Mackay. Here’s her PropertyMe customer story:

Hi, can you tell us a little more about 360 Property Management?

I saw a need in Mackay for a more personalised approach to property management, so in 2009, we started 360 property management with zero properties. Now, eight years later, we have 1,186 properties under management. I have a staff of 15 and we service the regions of Mackay, Sarina and the surrounding areas.

What problems did you have with your property management software prior to joining PropertyMe?

Our former property management software was not enabling us to give a full service to our owners. In addition, with such a large database, our backups could take up to two hours, which meant downtime for our staff.

Receipting tenant payments took one to two hours, depending on the number of receipts. The whole end of month disbursement process would take well over three hours. After using several other programs over the past 20 years, PropertyMe has been the best thing that has come along.

What was the transition to PropertyMe like?

Very little training was required by the staff on PropertyMe. We did three trial migrates from the old database, then the data was migrated across with no errors.

How has PropertyMe changed the way you do things at 360 Property Management?

PropertyMe has enabled 360 Property Management to give excellent and prompt reporting to our owners. Each property manager has the PropertyMe app on their phone. The property manager generates the inspection which is automatically integrated into PropertyMe.

Importing bank files

I used to come in at 6:30am every morning to do the manual receipting so when the staff came in at 8:30am, they could tend to their arrears and day to day general tasks.

Now with PropertyMe receipting, I download a file from the bank, import it into PropertyMe and it reconciles receipts. PropertyMe does the whole process in less than 20 minutes.

Owner disbursements

Owner disbursements in PropertyMe is so easy. All completed in 15 minutes for 1,186 properties. No need for backups as PropertyMe does this automatically on the cloud.

Renewed focus on growth

As we know, property management is a 24/7 business. Now PropertyMe has enabled me to concentrate and devote myself into enhancing my business even more.

Watch the full PropertyMe Customer Story below:

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