March release: enhancements across Mobile apps, Reports, Insights and Inspections


March release: enhancements across Mobile apps, Reports, Insights and Inspections

With improvements and enhancements across multiple functions of the PropertyMe platform and apps, our jam-packed March release is tailored to improve efficiencies for Property Managers and and user experience for your clients. 

What’s new?

Rental Statistics Report

Our reports and Insights are getting a refresh!

Like most others, we are captivated by continual improvement and refinement and the first stage of our Insights refresh includes the all-new Rental Statistics Report. A single-page report, completely customisable to your preferences, the report is as comprehensive as it is simple and convenient.

Available across all subscriptions, the Rental Statistics Report can be accessed by Administrators and Subscribers and includes key metrics of: 

  • Rental properties
  • Average rent
  • Management fees
  • Arrears
  • Gains and losses
  • Tenancies
  • Vacancies

Each of these metric calculations has been meticulously recalculated for the report and relevant Insights dashboard, with flexible customisation options for the entire portfolio or individual Property Managers with flexible date and manager filters, available for daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

Download a sample of the new Rental Statistics Report here, to see how these Insights.

Your favourite customer apps are now one Property Management Powerhouse

Supporting you to do your best work all with one app. 

It’s no surprise that month-on-month our customer surveys reveal that our user’s favourite feature is in fact Owner and Tenant Access and apps. 

The MVP of our property management software, the PropertyMe mobile apps are not only easy to use, and packed with helpful features, but they genuinely lighten the load of Property Managers on a daily basis, allowing owners and tenants to self-service their tenancy essentials.

A cornerstone of the PropertyMe software solution for Property Managers, the PropertyMe Owner and Tenant apps are now a single powerhouse called the PropertyMe app. Here your customers can access their tenancy essentials.

Owners can deep dive into:

Tenants can:

  • Pay rent and invoices through MePay
  • See financial information like payments and ledgers 
  • See upcoming activities and inspections
  • Report maintenance
  • Complete entry inspections digitally
  • View Property Manager details

In addition to the customer apps name change, PropertyMe Manager is now called PropertyMe Agent. Whilst you don’t need to action anything for this name change, we highly recommend updating to the latest version of the app to access some additional enhancements and updates outlined later in this article.

How to access the new apps

The Tenant mobile app

There are no changes to the Tenant mobile app, they can continue to use their installed app and all links directing here will stay the same.

The Owner mobile app

Our brand new template “Promote PropertyMe app to Owners” has got you covered. A simple bulk send to owners and you’re done!

Worried about the existing templates in your workflow? You don’t need to be. We’ve updated all of the template links for default and custom templates so you don’t need to change a thing.
If you’d like to share the links another way you can access them here.

The Manager app

There are no changes to access the manager app, now called PropertyMe Agent. Users can continue to use their installed app.

New promotional resources for owners

We are so excited to be releasing this update, we have prepared a suite of resources to help you get started and move all of your clients onto the apps. First up, owners!

Download images to promote the apps across your website, social media, brochures and emails.

Brochures to promote the PropertyMe app to owners

Photos to promote the PropertyMe app to owners

Social media tiles to promote the PropertyMe app to owners

Email banners to promote the PropertyMe app to owners

New functions added to Paperless Entry Inspections

Just one month into our feature release Paperless Entry Inspections and thousands of reports have been flooding in. As the feature rolls out across Australia and New Zealand, we’ve been busy with some enhancements and updates to tailor and improve the feature, including;

Our latest Agent Mobile app release includes the ability for Standard and Premium subscribers, wherever they are, to easily assign entry inspection reports to tenants for them to digitally complete.

The ability to update the Tenant Return By Date has also been introduced, with a quick and easy update on the run, straight from the app.

Entry inspection reports that have been previously assigned/returned by tenants can now be copied and the agent photos and comments will copy forward onto a new report — a highly requested time-saver.

Inspections enhancements for Basic subscribers 

In addition to updates to Paperless Entry Inspections, we’ve added additional functions to Inspections for Basic users, with the ability to add, edit, re-order and delete area items for Entry Inspections being added to main web app making it faster and easier than ever to customise the available area items within a report before even leaving the office.

More filtering flexibility

Your workflows are as unique as your wardrobe, so we’ve added new filtering options to the Properties and Contacts sections, including:

  • “Re-let” filter on the Rentals and Vacancies pages for filtering by re-let status
  • “Status” filter on the Vacancies page for filtering by vacant properties and upcoming vacancies
  • “Current ownerships” filter on the Owners page for filtering by current and non-current ownerships

Additional merge fields

Bond reference merge field has been added for message templates providing more automated information and more transparency for tenants.

Working with our user community

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all PropertyMe users who contribute to our platform development by completing our surveys, contributing to Beta and Early Access feature testing and providing feedback and recommendations within our Official User Group and Community hub.

Six of this month’s eight enhancements and updates have been highly requested by our online community. We’re privileged to partner with you, working toward a common goal of building the best property management software for our industry.