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How to Attract Quality Tenants

12 Ways to Attract Quality Tenants

The best way to attract quality tenants is to have a high quality rental property in an ideal location at an ideal price point. Notice how ideal this scenario is? As a property manager, you might not have control over … Read More

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Build-to-rent Australia

Build-to-rent Building Hope for Australians in Housing Squeeze

Amidst Australia’s growing housing affordability issues and surge in long-term tenants, more and more developers are looking at the build-to-rent model to fill demand. The build-to-rent or multi-family model is one of the most popular asset classes in the United … Read More

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Tech hacks to boost your productivity

5 Surprisingly Simple Tech Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

If you’re a property manager, take a second and give yourself a pat on the back! We know being a property manager is no easy feat; you have to have a particular set of skills and be adept at juggling … Read More

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How this property manager did end of month at an open home

Here’s how this Property Manager did End of Month at an Open Home

Imagine being able to conduct an Open Home AND complete End of Month at the same time… Well that’s exactly what Danielle of Deville Estate Agency did! “I’ve actually done End of Month and Mid-month at an Open Home. It’s … Read More

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Rise of Real Estate Robots and Automation

The Rise of Real Estate Robots and Automation

No this isn’t a Skynet conspiracy theory or pending apocalypse. According to Nigel Dalton, chief inventor at the REA Group, rapid developments in robotics means that eventually real estate robots could replace agents by 2020. This rise in real estate … Read More

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5 Top Tips To Make Your Tenants Feel At Home

According to Real Estate Business, 2017 is the “year of the renter” so it’s more crucial than ever to make your tenants feel at home from the get-go. The more they feel at ease in their rental property, the more … Read More

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propertyme online property management software vs excel

The Great Battle: Excel vs Online Property Management Software

You might be thinking “what’s the point of paying more for online property management software when I have Excel?”. Excel has some great formula and conditional formatting options and is owned by Microsoft so it must be good for all … Read More

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grow your property management business using facebook like

How To Grow Your Property Management Business Using Facebook

Did you know that 1.28 billion people use Facebook each day? That’s 1.28 billion people you could potentially reach with your Facebook posts and advertising. However, it wouldn’t be wise to do so as you would be wasting your time … Read More

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May Product Update

May Product Update: Messages Inbox for All and Features Voting

With end of financial year drawing closer, we’re busier than ever so we’re all for time-saving features like our new Messages Inbox! Here’s Dave with our May Product Update:   Messages Inbox for All Earlier in the year we created … Read More

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How to Protect Your Business from Malware Attacks

How To Protect Your Business From Malware Attacks

Last week, the ransomware WannaCry wormed its way into 200,000 computers in at least 150 countries, effectively shutting users out, holding their data hostage and demanding payment. The Australian Federal Government has confirmed that three private businesses have fallen victim … Read More

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10 Signs You're a Great Property Manager

10 Signs You’re a Great Property Manager

Property managers have a particular set of skills… No, I’m not talking about your people skills or your ability to detect a real estate conversation from a mile away. Those are prerequisites to being a good property manager. What I’m … Read More

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Rent-bidding apps Australia

Three Rent-bidding Apps to Disrupt Australian Rental Market

A rental revolution is looming as three rent-bidding apps have their sights set on the Australian rental market. Last month, Domain reported that the controversial US rent-bidding app Rentberry would be launching in Australia in the coming months. Soon after, … Read More

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How to Attract New Property Owners

8 Ways to Attract New Property Owners

As a property manager, owners want to know how you can best manage their properties and simplify their lives. They want to be reassured that their properties are in the best hands but with over 35,000 real estate businesses in Australia alone, … Read More

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Virtual Reality Transforming Real Estate Industry

How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Virtual reality has been making waves since 2010 when the first prototype of the pioneering Oculus Rift was introduced. Since then, technology giants like Google, Samsung and Microsoft have recognised the potential of simulated environments and have jumped onto the … Read More

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businesswoman with great idea propertyme demo portfolio

3 Ways To Take Advantage of Your PropertyMe Demo Portfolio (After You’ve Subscribed)

Did you know that your demo portfolio is always there, even after you’ve activated your PropertyMe subscription? Yep, you heard right! Your demo portfolio is isolated from your agency portfolio, meaning you can try out different features and configurations without … Read More

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Property Management Mistakes

Top 7 Property Management Mistakes You Need To Avoid

We all know that mistakes are a fact of life but some mistakes are much more costly than others. As a property manager, a mistake could mean time and money spent chasing tenants, appeasing clients or even facing a lawsuit. … Read More

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PropertyMe March Product Update

March Product Update: Introducing Email Branding

Here at PropertyMe, we’ve had a busy start to the year with exciting new features and improvements to existing ones. Sit tight as Peter gives you the lowdown:   Introducing Email Branding While PropertyMe already allows you to brand your … Read More

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cloud property management software property manager

5 Most Common Misconceptions about Cloud Property Management Software

Once upon a time, the cloud was a source of confusion to real estate agents and technophiles alike. Now, about 80% of the adult population in Australia has embraced cloud software with numbers growing year on year. This trend can … Read More

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happy property manager great idea property me labels

How To Use Labels in PropertyMe

What’s the name of that plumber with the short hair? I think his name starts with an A? Just give me 20 minutes to look through my contacts… To avoid the above scenario, you can take advantage of the labels … Read More

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airbnb long-term rental market sublets

Airbnb Threatens To Shake Up Long-Term Rental Market

While Airbnb has been offering a subletting service since 2011 with monthly rentals in over 5000 cities, it has never appeared on their homepage. The focus has always been on short-term holiday rentals. Until now. Last week, Bloomberg reported that … Read More

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