PropertyMe turns 10


PropertyMe turns 10

Time flies by when you’re having fun, busy… or both! We cannot believe it’s been 10 years since our conception, however, when we look around the bustling office or get the privilege of hearing from our supportive community, we’re reminded of just how far we’ve come. It wasn’t until our younger team members shared that they were still in school in 2013, that we were reminded of just how much time has passed! 

With all of that being said we wanted to extend a big thank you for all of your support. Whether you’ve been with us since our beginnings or are a new customer, we’re so grateful to have you on board and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us as a company, and the industry at large! Now let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

PropertyMe is born

As you’ve probably come to understand, PropertyMe was born in 2013. The platform was created as a way to save Property Managers time and solve genuine problems within the industry. At the time, the cloud was in its infancy. The needs of Property Managers and Principals had changed and suddenly everyone had a smartphone or tablet. From there we realised that the modern Property Manager needed an innovative solution to new-age problems. Over the past ten years, the mission hasn’t changed all that much, although the scope has greatly increased.

Introducing… the dashboard

It’s likely that when you think of PropertyMe our dashboard comes to mind, with it being so recognisable we even turned it into merchandise! Did you know that we introduced the mainstay feature back in 2014? In fact, it was one of our first features and shaped the direction of the company and platform back in the early days. When we released the dashboard we stated, “ We understand that a Property Manager’s day is never predictable and always busy, so we developed the dashboard in the hope that it will simplify how you work, as well as give a great overview of your portfolio activity without having to search for it”. Nine years later and that mission has not changed, with our sole intention being to save Property Managers time, with the dashboard embodying just that.

Our trusted team of PropertyMe experts

We’re so grateful to have had a strong, tight-knit team that has only continued to grow! With that being said, we can’t look past our long-standing team members who have been just as important to the company as the platform itself. We wanted to extend a massive thank you to our longest-standing team members: Product Manager, Peter; Territory Manager, Chris; Software Trainer, Scott and Support Team Leader, Holly. Without your knowledge and high work ethic, PropertyMe wouldn’t be where it is today. We can’t wait to see how you continue to use your expertise to solve ever-evolving problems for our customers and grow the platform even further.

2,000 subscribers

Back in April 2019, we celebrated the milestone of 2,000 subscribers. We were lucky enough to celebrate the milestone with LJ Hooker Cleveland, who was our 2,000th subscriber. When asked about the growth of PropertyMe at the time, the team stated, “We’ve become the fastest-growing cloud product because we are genuinely working for the betterment of the property management industry. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust and advocacy of our existing customers and we will never take that for granted”. 2019 was a year of firsts in many ways, as we launched PropertyMe PRO, held our first partner conference and had a record amount of inspections completed through the platform!

PropertyMe holiday celebrations

One thing that has certainly not changed at PropertyMe is the love the team has for celebrating the holidays. Whether it’s a dress-up party or team-building activity, you can bet we’ll bring our A game. Honourable mentions go to our Christmas desk decorating contest, Halloween dress-up parties, and the team’s ever-constant love of PropertyMe-branded food! What should we celebrate next?

PropertyMe wins The Australian Business Awards 2020

While 2020 is a year many of us would rather forget, it did have a silver lining for our team. We were grateful to be awarded Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2020 for CX Management. This was a huge moment for the team, as it solidified our presence in the industry and allowed us to recognise just how much we’d grown over the past seven years. The award came just one month after we hit the milestone of managing 1 million properties in the platform, equating to a sizeable market share. With customer satisfaction being one of the drivers behind everything we do, we want to thank you again, as without our community, this award would not have been possible.

COVID-19 hits & The Loop takes off

Before you all click off at the mention of the pandemic, we encourage you to stick with us. Whilst the pandemic brought many lows, upon reflection it also allowed our team to adapt and evolve. Because of the nature of remote work, and the ability of the team to marvellously adjust to working from home, we were able to launch and grow our live streaming. The Loop began as and continues to be one of our favourite ways to connect with our community. We’re so proud of Peter and Christina for their continued work on The Loop, after all, they’re basically A-list celebrities around the office. When asked about the evolution of The Loop, Christina stated, “It’s been amazing to see it evolve into what it is today. To be able to connect with our community in such a real way is so special. We love hearing from you and seeing your comments, so if you haven’t already, we encourage you to stay in The Loop.”

Move to the new office

In June, we moved to our new Sydney HQ. The move was so much more than boxes and new desk arrangements. It was symbolic of the growth and evolution we’ve had as a company. As we all returned back for our first day in the new office, there was such an electric atmosphere, and we were overwhelmed by the amount of new and existing team members. It was a fantastic chance to reestablish existing friendships and form new ones. As we look around the new office today, we’re visited with a constant reminder of how hard work and effective teamwork yield such powerful results. So in case we don’t say it enough, thank you to our team of superstars who are working and innovating around the clock to make PropertyMe the platform it is today!

Releasing our Tenant & Owner mobile apps

In mid-2021 and 2022 we were ecstatic to release our Tenant & Owner mobile apps, and the milestones served as an indication that we remain ahead of the curve by continuing to innovate. All of the teams had their hand in the launch of our mobile apps, with everyone putting in a lot of hard work in the lead-up. There was a collective sigh of relief as the apps went live and our community welcomed them with open arms. 

The PropertyMe Tenant mobile app allows tenants to manage everything related to their tenancy from the palm of their hand, including maintenance requests, messages and documentation. The PropertyMe Owner mobile app provides a centralised location for owners to access relevant information related to their rental property, including their rental information, jobs, inspections and financial documents. If you haven’t already we encourage you to download them today!

5,000 subscribers

Reaching 5,000 subscribers was a real pinch-me moment, and we were blown away by the number of people we have been able to assist, as seen in our sheer market share. We’re always working hard, but over the last two years, that’s ramped up even more with the addition of new team members and fresh ideas. We’re constantly working to bring our users new time-saving features and to see our work pay off in such a monumental way was gratifying, to say the least. We celebrated the milestone as a team, at the iconic Luna Park, with a night full of fun, food and shared memories. Our leadership team even heroically took a ride on the aptly named Hair Raiser to mark the occasion!

MePay launch

Every year as we continue to release revolutionary features, we are proud of the team and grateful for our community’s positive feedback. However, MePay took this feeling to a new level as it’s set to revolutionise the rental landscape in Australia. Its launch was our biggest undertaking yet. In case you’ve been living under a rock, MePay allows your tenants to pay all of their rental-related payments through PropertyMe to reduce your admin tasks and stay ahead in real time. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to activate MePay today!

So what does the future hold?

We’re always focused on the future, with such a big emphasis on innovation. So it’s no surprise that we’ve got some exciting features and plans for PropertyMe in the coming year. In general, we’re focused on continuing to improve the lives of Property Managers and the rental industry at large. We briefly spoke with our CCO, Sarah Dawson who shared that “it’s exciting to see how the industry grows in the future. We can confirm we will continue to be a mainstay for Property Managers, as a company that they can depend on and trust. Cheers to a prosperous future for the industry.”

So there you have it, a look over the past decade with PropertyMe. Once again we just want to thank you all for being there and supporting us. Much of this would not have been possible without your ongoing championing of PropertyMe, as well as your thoughtful and valuable feedback. Cheers to you, our community!

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