Enhance your communications with PropertyMe


Enhance your communications with PropertyMe

Communication is one of the cornerstones of the real estate industry. Not only is it paramount in delivering a superior customer experience and growing your business, but it also leads to greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. Clear communication also prevents conflict, and creates a more effective workflow. 

That’s why streamlining your communications has always been at the core of PropertyMe. In fact, over 100 million messages are sent via PropertyMe every year to facilitate conversations with owners, tenants and suppliers.

Let’s take a closer look at how PropertyMe helps over 4,900 agencies enhance their communications.

A central home for your external communications

PropertyMe houses all your external communications in one place to simplify your workflow. You can send and receive emails and SMS straight back into your portfolio without having to switch between your smartphone, property management software and email service provider.

Whenever you receive a message, PropertyMe’s automation works behind the scenes to match it to particular parts of your portfolio to create a summary of related information. This allows you to spend less time looking for information and more time building and nurturing relationships.

Additionally, you can utilise our comprehensive suite of ready-made templates and Automation Studio to create personalised communications and automate the delivery of these messages to your owners, tenants and suppliers with customisable triggers.

For example, with Arrears Automation, PropertyMe sends out gentle and not so gentle arrears reminders on your behalf. Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures your communications are always consistent and on-brand.

Fostering a culture of transparency in the workplace

Just as your owners and tenants expect to be kept informed, effective internal communication fosters a culture of transparency. As well as leading to increased efficiency, greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.

PropertyMe’s Inbound SMS feature is designed to do just that. It allows you to access all of your texts and emails in one efficient inbox, no more flicking between your phone and computer. You can use Inbound SMS to monitor texts from other teammates, as well as link texts to certain properties or tenants.

Our newest feature, Key Management also aids in making sure your team has clear communication. You can easily see which keys have been checked in and out of the office, when and by whom, allowing for easy tracking. Key Management also displays when keys are overdue, and by how many days so that you never miss a beat.

At PropertyMe, we’re always looking for ways to genuinely solve problems and simplify the business of property management. Arrears Automation, Inbound SMS and Key Management are just three features of many that assist the industry in enhancing communications and building relationships. Learn more about the full suite of PropertyMe features.

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