A peek into August at PropertyMe (2021)


A peek into August at PropertyMe (2021)

While lockdown appeared to be the new normal in many parts of Australia this month, the hint of Spring around the corner gave us something to look forward to. The clear blue skies and warmer days here in Sydney brought some relief from the sense of groundhog day. Thankfully, at PropertyMe we have managed to keep spirits high throughout the month, banding together in this time of need. 

Let’s take a look at what August had to offer at PropertyMe:

New regional sales team

Firstly, we introduced our restructured regionally focused sales team, consisting of — Sarah, Fiona, Jo, Chris, Sabina and Marty. The addition and restructuring of this team has allowed us to move closer to our customer, and appreciate the regional differences between agencies across Australia. This restructure brought many positive changes, with both customers and staff reacting favourably over the month. 

Birthdays and anniversaries 

As per tradition, we caught up for a mid-month zoom to welcome our six new starters and celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of many of our team members. This zoom served as a perfect opportunity to stay connected, and allow new team members to put faces to names. Two lucky members of our team even shared their birthdays with Patrick Swazey and Richard Gere.  

Lunch & Learn — New Tenant mobile app

Lunch & Learn sessions have been a long-standing tradition at PropertyMe, however, we were thrown back into hosting them virtually, thankfully we had a little practice from the last lockdown. Although, due to a combination of determination on our part and advanced technology, we were able to host the live stream to discuss our new Tenant Mobile App.

PropertyMe Tenant mobile app

With PropertyMe Tenant mobile app, tenants can manage everything related to their tenancy from the palm of their hand. They can access all of their tenancy information, including their lease dates and Property Manager’s information. The app even allows you launch maintenance requests, removing any communication errors from occuring between tenants and Property Managers. We were so excited to be able to share our new mobile app, and so was our community as we received a record breaking amount of comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the month of August at PropertyMe, we look forward to sharing new updates with you again next month!

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