Your mobile office – a PM’s best asset

Property Management

Your mobile office – a PM’s best asset

A property manager’s day is never typical. Whether you work from home or in areal estate office, you are running to the bank, opening properties for viewings, answering the phone on top of juggling tasks such as maintenance jobs, disbursements, invoices and balancing your books. I’m tired just writing about it.

Traditionally, the software used for trust accounting and managing properties is one that you need to install on office computers. This means that if an owner emailed or called you while you’re on the road asking for some info regarding their property, you would have to wait until you were back in the office to access the info.

If you’re on the road all day, this could be an issue. So what’s the solution I hear you ask? Cloud computing.

Why is online PM software important for your business?

Cloud computing has become the norm in our everyday world. We bank online, purchase online, enquire online, landlords are online, communication is online and our friends are online. As the property industry is one that you are out and about often, this type of web-based tool is far more valuable than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

It allows you to work wherever you have an internet connection and enables you to access your data whenever, wherever. Not only that, it is progressing the way property managers work, and simplifying their everyday tasks which are important and legally necessary.

Benefits of cloud computing

  • Worry-free IT – no installations, updates are free and extremely quick
  • Upfront business costs eliminated – admin fees, upgrades and maintenance costs are gone with yesterday’s trash
  • User-friendly – have as many users as you like working in the system
  • Real-time information – exactly how it sounds
  • Flexibility – You can work from home, office, portaloo, cafe (anywhere where there is an internet connection).

Problems with traditional installed PM programs 

  • The software is rarely up to date
  • Only works on one computer, with excess costs to have the software installed on multiple computers
  • You are regularly locked out of your system, with long backup times and slow disbursement and end of month processes
  • Expensive to run, with setup fees/excessive monthly fees, training fees, server maintenance fees, fees, fees and more fees.

We love that PropertyMe is a completely online property management software, it’s something that we think the Australian industry is hungry for. It lowers costs for the user, simplifies the way you do business and gives you the freedom to access and input your data in your PJs on the couch watching Home & Away.

When you are given the freedom to access your data in an unrestricted way, you open the door to a new way of thinking.