9 real estate newsletter ideas to boost engagement in 2021

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9 real estate newsletter ideas to boost engagement in 2021

In the past, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers would advertise their services in local newspapers. Now, with the world going digital, the best way to promote your property management business in 2021 is to leverage the benefits of email newsletters.

With over four billion people using email every day and 64 per cent of small businesses using email to connect with their customers, email marketing is the perfect way to extend your business’s reach and turn prospects into clients in no time. 

However, the art of email marketing involves more than just blasting your database with the same generic emails day in and day out. In fact, this is a sure-fire way to lose subscribers and hurt your email open rates (OR). If you’re looking to boost engagement with your email newsletter, then check out these nine ideas to help you generate leads, connect with customers, increase open rates and click-through rates. 

1. Use social proof

What is one thing that always drives decisions (good and bad)? Knowing that other people have done it first. Studies show that 93 per cent of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase. Even more telling – product reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy. Using social proof, such as online reviews or testimonials, on your real estate newsletter will help you to supercharge your lead generation, drive click-throughs and nurture trust. 

2. Round up new property listings

An effective way of spreading the word about new property listings is to create a round-up of them for your prospects and database. Sending a round-up of new listings in your email newsletter once a month, or even once a quarter, is the perfect way to generate interest, drive traffic to your website and foot traffic to any open houses.

3. Share educational content

Do you have any long-form, educational content, such as how-to guides, eBooks or whitepapers? Leverage this content and share it with email recipients as part of your email marketing. It will help you with your lead generation, as you can capture additional details about prospects, so you can refine your email segments. You can also drive users to your website where they can download the content themselves.

4. Segment your email campaigns

Segmenting your audience and sending targeted real estate email campaigns is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement and drive more revenue. A recent study from Mailchimp found segmented email campaigns have a 14.31% higher open rate and a 100.95% higher click rate than non-segmented email campaigns. And if that’s not enough, you should consider implementing a lead scoring system in combination with your segmentation to help you with your lead generation efforts – as you can easily identify which prospects should be prioritised.

5. Monthly blog round-up

If you’re going to the effort of publishing regular blog posts, then you should be sharing them on all channels, including email. An effective way to get eyes on your blog posts, drive website traffic and boost engagement is to collate your top-performing blog content in a monthly, bi-monthly or annual wrap up to amplify it. Alternatively, you can add some popular, relevant blogs to the bottom of your emails to provide value to people.

6. Local market insights

If you’re looking to position yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry, then sharing and summarising local market insights is the perfect way to do it. You can find local market insights online at news publications, such as Realestate.com, or CoreLogic provides regular housing market updates. Whether you’re explaining trends in home values, sales, listing prices, this type of newsletter will drive engagement and pique the interest of potential buyers – so always make sure to add a link back to your website just in case.

7. Employee spotlight

Putting a spotlight on your employees in your newsletter will bring a human face to your company and showcase the personalities behind your brand. This is important for real estate agents and businesses who are looking to connect with audiences on a more personal level. In these emails, make sure to ask your employees about their work experience, their achievements and something personal to share with clients.

8. Provide a company update

Whether your company just won an award, you just hired a new Property Manager, or your team did some volunteer work in the community, providing a company update via email is the perfect way to keep buyers, sellers and renters in the loop. 

9. Q&As or interviews 

Have you interviewed local experts, Property Managers, or some other prominent real estate leader for your blog or website? Be sure to include links to these Q&As or interviews in your next real estate newsletter. Bringing new voices and insights to your newsletter will help to boost engagement and likely drive increased traffic to your website.

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