How Laing+Simmons redefined corporate real estate support by partnering with PropertyMe 

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How Laing+Simmons redefined corporate real estate support by partnering with PropertyMe 

Laing+Simmons, a pioneer in real estate, has established a reputation for its meticulous, real-world approach to property management within the corporate sector.

Beyond setting an example when it comes to exceptional service, the company stands out by creating property management departments for offices and addressing the unique needs of agency owners, thus setting the stage for their latest venture – the Direct to Agent business model.

The Direct to Agent approach

Led by Head of Property Management Corporate Michael Anania, the model allows agency owners to spend their time focused on growing their asset, retaining full ownership of the portfolio, while the corporate team manages the day-to-day management services alleviating the stress and pressure involved in property management.

A partnership with PropertyMe

Looking after a range of agencies from start-ups to thousands of properties, Laing+Simmons rely on PropertyMe to ensure their solution is scalable and secure, supporting staff Australia-wide and internationally to bolster their hands-on, all-basis-covered approach to property management. 

Administrative tasks are efficiently delegated to the outside team, freeing up their in-house Property Managers to focus on relational and on-site tasks. This task-based approach, distinct from traditional property management, significantly reduced operational stress, cutting down time admin for all parties involved in the process to the benefit of the end client.

Where PropertyMe makes the difference

Seamless Onboarding

The Onboarding process with PropertyMe proved a logical, seamless integration for Laing+Simmons, offering business owners a straightforward and stress-free transition, managed by the PropertyMe team. 

This straightforward integration significantly eased the burden on business owners looking to improve their property management processes quickly.

Recruitment assistance

PropertyMe’s user-friendly system is a significant asset in streamlining the recruitment process for Laing+Simmons. 

With a simple learning curve, live training options and an extensive Knowledge Base, new recruits could quickly adapt to the system, reducing the handover period and minimising back-and-forth communication.

MePay integration

Laing+Simmons is now benefiting from onboarding MePay, a new feature from PropertyMe. 

This rental payment service built within the PropertyMe platform provides greater transparency regarding their payment cycles and financial standing, further enhancing the service provided to both property owners and tenants.

Setting future industry standards

Laing+Simmons’ innovative approach to corporate real estate management has filled a critical market gap and transformed the industry. 

Likewise, the partnership with PropertyMe has been instrumental in delivering comprehensive, streamlined solutions while simplifying operations and enhancing transparency. 

With an already established, results-proven partnership, Laing+Simmons’ unique vision and PropertyMe’s innovative technology are ready to address current market gaps and set better industry standards for corporate real estate management.

“Laing+Simmons has been relying on PropertyMe for over a decade. In this time, we have witnessed PropertyMe’s evolution to satisfy the new needs of the real estate world. Our lasting partnership plays a pivotal role in supporting the launch of the Direct to Agent model, which is expected to scale Laing+Simmons’ corporate real estate management business and meet the ever-evolving needs of the corporate clientele.”

Michael Anania
Head of Property Management
Laing+Simmons Corporate