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End of Month Angels (NSW)

End of Month Angels are specialised leaders in the area of trust accounting, compliance, and training.

Managing every aspect of your Property Management Department can be difficult. We get it.
We offer a comprehensive Real Estate consultancy service to assist with on-boarding, training, ongoing professional development and productivity of your agency. As specialised leaders in the Real Estate Industry, our wealth of knowledge and expertise in Trust Accounting, Compliance and Training can give your business the kick start it needs to move forward and upward.

Whether you are looking at a short or a long-term project, or ongoing relationship, our range of services can be personalised to meet your needs.

Property Management Institute of Training (QLD)

The Property Management Institute of Training helps Principals, Property Managers and their support staff in the smooth transition of changing their Property Management Software to Property Me.
In essence, we hold your hand throughout the changeover experience and help you join the dots as to why Property Me is the solution to your database management, productivity and profits. We provide each agency with;

– A personalised change management strategy
– Identify risks to your business before changing software
– Reduce staff stress and uncertainty
– Clarify expectations from your clients perspective
– Proactively advise action required before you decided to go live
– Provide hands on Training for all staff
– Support you through the early stages of implementation

We also provide business performance coaching to help you grow your rent roll and track key performance indicators for Property Me. We provide each agency with;

– Monthly business coaching advice
– Monthly performance reporting
– Yearly Business Plan
– Unlimited Property Management support
– Custom Built Procedure & Process Strategies
– Reduce Risk and Liability

Please contact us on to discuss your Property Management business needs.

Pinnacle Strategic Consulting (VIC)

Pinnacle provides intuitive business management and productivity strategies for small to medium organisations to evolve, enrich and grow. 

Specialists in providing strategic and operational management services in:

– Trust Accounting services (Daily activities, Balancing issues, Audit requirements)

– Software implementation

– Change management

– Training

– Strategic analysis & business planning

Our mission is to ensure you maximise your investment in the software that supports your business. Contact us via to discuss your business needs. 

Corinne Mansour Property Management Consulting (NSW)

At Corinne Mansour Property Management Consulting our focus is on providing specialised expert support for busy property management departments.

With over 16 years in the industry there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We are here to help you navigate your way through any issues you may be facing whether it be trust accounting, staff training/support or software implementation.

Here are some of the support services we can assist you with:

Trust Accounting

– Bank reconciliation
– Receipting of rent payments
– Entering invoices
– Payments and statement for owners and creditors
– Preparation for yearly audit


– Software advice and implementation
– Support and training for team members
– Setup of reward/bonus structure for team members
– File audits and review of procedures
– Setup of new PM departments
– Rent roll acquisitions
– Temp staffing support
Contact us at or 0414 282 365 to see how we can help you.

More Than (NSW)

Lorelle Ursino is the Managing Director of more than pty ltd and with 29 years experience working in the Real Estate Industry her team are currently assisting clients all over Australia & New Zealand with their Trust accounting needs on a once off or an ongoing month to month basis.

– Implementing / changeover Trust accounting systems
– Training – making sure you are getting the most out of your software
– Bank Reconciliations – once off or ongoing
– Full Trust accounting services
– Data entry

“Our mission is to empower, assist and train our clients to grow & improve their business”

Balance Rec N Roll

Are you REALLY in balance?
Do you have adjustments?
How many and how old are they?

If your staff are making adjustments to show your reconciliation is balanced – then you aren’t in balance.

Balance Rec N Roll can audit your trust accounts transactional history to find out why adjustments have been created, then we can correct the trust to put you truly in balance and keep you out of trouble with your auditor and OFT.

After that we can keep you in true balance by taking care of all your trust accounting transactions from daily receipting, bill payments and mid and end of month reporting.

By having Balance Rec N Roll take care of the trust account we can free up your property manager to do what they do best. Most property managers aren’t experienced in the trust account side of the position, you will find they are spending more time trying to correct errors, balance and transact and their other responsibilities are falling behind.

Just think – if they don’t have to run the trust – how many more properties can they manage?

With over 24 years of experience in the real estate industry specialising in trust account management and working with the top trust account software provider Balance Rec N Roll can be trusted to take care of your trust account.

Services Include

• Trust Audit
• Balancing
• Training
• Ongoing trust management
• System Set up
• Change of system installation and opening balances
• Annual leave cover for trust account management

Call Tam on 0408 296 275 or email

Queensland Business Consultants (QLD)

Queensland Business Consultants (QLDBC) provides tailored support solutions for property management, sales management and trust accounting software. Headed by John Peppas who hails from both an accounting and IT background, QLDBC can offer unique solutions and expert advice based on your needs.

With 22 years of experience in the installation, configuration and support of leading property management software systems, QLDBC is well placed to help your staff maximise the full potential of your technology. Moreover, QLDBC prides itself on being associated with Real Estate industry leaders in the business information systems market.

Our mission is to provide a response time that avoids stress for businesses in times of need such as trust account balancing, monthly disbursements and other tasks associated with the day-to-day operations of a property management office.

Our services to Northern and Western Queensland plus Papua New Guinea Include: System setup

  • Trust audit
  • Balancing
  • Training
  • Online and telephone support
  • Ongoing trust management

Phone: 07 4725 3303
Mobile: 0418 771 971

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