Expand your business with top talent trained on the award-winning techniques utilised by Australia’s leading real estate businesses.

About Stafflink

Get more done, reduce your labour costs and improve your customer experience.

Stafflink is the real estate industry’s trusted next-generation outsourcing partner. We help many independent and franchised real estate businesses to improve their core efficiency, expand capabilities and remove the roadblocks that may be impeding their business growth and customer satisfaction levels.

We’re enabling smart real estate businesses to be agile and better positioned to respond optimally to new market opportunities and to harden their businesses against property market downturns which occur from time-to-time.

Stafflink is assisting real estate businesses to optimise their competitive edge and reduce their running costs while growing both their property sales and property management divisions. Real estate businesses utilising Stafflink training and consulting are able to redirect much needed funds into customer-facing revenue-generating initiatives, which in turn can grow their sales and property management divisions.

Top 3 Services

  • PropertyMe setup, implementation and data cleaning
  • Workflow systems for inhouse & international team
  • Increase PM portfolio by reducing 30-50% off the workload