Balance Rec N Roll

Are you REALLY in balance?
Do you have adjustments?
How many and how old are they?

If your staff are making adjustments to show your reconciliation is balanced – then you aren’t in balance.

Balance Rec N Roll can work through your trust accounts transactional history to find out why adjustments have been created, then we can correct the trust to put you back in balance and keep you out of trouble with your auditor and OFT.

After that we can keep you in balance by taking care of all your trust accounting transactions from daily receipting, daily bill payments, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly disbursements it’s all part of the service. Any little issues that arise you can ask the team at Balance Rec N Roll to resolve these for you, issues such as missed rental increases or incorrect file setup that requires paid to date correction, we are here and happy to help.

You don’t have to worry about staff taking leave and who will do the trust account, we have you covered.

By having Balance Rec N Roll take care of the trust account this will free up your property manager to do what they do best. Most property managers aren’t experienced in trust accounting, you will find they can spend a lot of time trying to correct errors, balance and transact and their other responsibilities may be falling behind.

Just think – if you or your team don’t have to manage the daily trust accounting – how many more properties can your office manage?

With over 26 years of experience in the real estate industry specialising in trust account management in PropertyMe, Balance Rec N Roll are the best option when it comes to taking care of your trust account.

Services Include

• Ongoing daily trust management
• Balancing
• Online and Onsite Training
• Change of bank or company trust account

Call Tam and the team on 0427 610 208 or email [email protected]