How we’re working together with our community to bring you the best user experience


How we’re working together with our community to bring you the best user experience

It’s no surprise that our community is at the heart of everything we do here a PropertyMe, as we constantly look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. This is especially true as we light up at the prospect of meeting with you all at conferences and industry events and enjoy receiving your comments and messages on social media. With this being said, we are laser-focused on the customer experience at PropertyMe from Onboarding, Support, training and product development. Therefore we sat down with our Chief Customer Officer, Sarah Dawson to shine a light on the ways in which we are continuing to enhance our customer experience, by working together with you, our community.

Welcome to our new community members

Firstly, we wanted to take the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to those who have just joined PropertyMe. We hope you’re enjoying your experience, and we can’t wait to meet you face-to-face in the future!

PropertyMe is proliferating as “we’ve Onboarded over 1000 new customers in the last 12 months and our commitment is to maintain momentum” Sarah states. From our beginnings as a start-up to now becoming Australia’s number 1 software and reaching 5,000 subscribers back in March, is a journey we couldn’t have taken without all of you. When asked why we’ve grown so rapidly, Sarah mentioned that “our customers choose to partner with us as we are able to provide consistent innovative development from our team as well as encouraging and making it easy for the industry to select integrated partners.”

Continuing to provide seamless integrations

We understand that providing seamless integrations is something that our community need to manage their busy roles and day-to-day tasks. Therefore, we’re constantly ensuring that we’re updating and sourcing more high-quality integrators and partners. “With over 70 connected apps it means a choice of provider and partnership can be decided based on your business needs, and we remain agnostic in our approach”, Sarah elaborates. This was only intensified when we attended AREC 2022 and had the ability to meet with our community and integrators all under one roof.

Of our integrations, 1300 Smoke Alarms, FLK It Over and Taskforce are some of the most frequently used, take a more in-depth look at them below: 

1300 Smoke Alarms

1300 Smoke Alarms are Australia’s most trusted provider of smoke alarm compliance, and their integration with PropertyMe allows for automated transfers of tenant contact details as well as an automated push of invoices and reports back into the property job page. This integration is set to save you 80% of normal compliance workflow time. 

FLK It Over

FLK It Over allows you to create and send tenancy agreements via SMS. Their integration with PropertyMe allows you to avoid double data entry and speeds the lease agreement process up from 4-7 days to 4-7 minutes. 


Taskforce is the leading provider of electrical, gas and smoke compliance checks and rectification services in the property industry. They pair over 40,000 tradies with advanced scheduling and satisfaction reporting software, to save you time!

Our focus on automation

During our conversation with Sarah, she reiterated the importance of automation in the Property Management industry. “We know the industry is looking for us to continue to develop automation that minimises touchpoints in the property life cycle and to reduce business costs and we’ll continue to deliver this over the remaining months of this financial year” she commented.

We were excited to release Automation Studio earlier in the year. Automation Studio allows you to build swift automations in minutes, that take care of your repetitive tasks. Our first automation, Arrears Automation, allows you to tackle one of the most time-consuming tasks, arrears communications! For more information on how to get the most out of Automation Studio, click here.

Gaining and implementing your feedback

As aforementioned, we are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve and enhance PropertyMe to both save you time and stay ahead of the curve. Sarah continues, “we are committed to developing and supporting our product based on industry feedback. All of our customer-facing teams are dedicated to capturing thoughts, ideas and conversations from our community to ensure our development is in line with industry needs.” In order to gauge our communities needs and wants, we implore you to vote on your favourite requested features here.


A big thank you!

Finally, we just wanted to extend a huge thank you to our community for being extremely supportive and proactive. “We are so grateful for the support we have received and will continue to ensure that we are delivering to the industry a product and a community that our customers can be proud to be a part of” Sarah elaborates. Here’s a big virtual cheers to a bright and fruitful future for both PropertyMe and the industry at large!

Thanks for reading this blog on how we’re continuing to work together with our community! Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at [email protected].

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