10 property management newsletter ideas to boost engagement in 2022

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10 property management newsletter ideas to boost engagement in 2022

Today’s world is becoming more digital by the day. On top of this, people have high expectations and they forget brands fast.
This means that Property Managers need to be proactive if they want to be remembered, considered and chosen. A digital newsletter is one way to do just that.
Depending on your marketing strategy, you’re likely to have many leads on your database who are weeks or even months away from buying, selling or leasing a home. So, if you want to keep your lead cost low, your database nurtured and your pipeline full, you need structured and repeatable ways to keep passive leads engaged until they’re ready to take the next step.
That’s why one of the best strategies you can adopt as a Property Manager is a regular newsletter containing useful information, content and subjects that truly matter to your target audience.

The importance of sending a real estate newsletter

We all know that real estate is a highly competitive industry. 

Therefore, Property Managers need to constantly market themselves to grow their network and raise brand awareness to more potential leads. In fact, 63% of email marketing campaigns in the real estate space received positive engagement – so it works when done well.

Sending topical newsletters on a regular basis can keep your agency top of mind with passive leads, help nurture new leads and generate more referrals by consistently reminding them of what you do and how well you do it.

Here are our top 10 topics that can help you supercharge your newsletter:

1. Local market insights

People pay attention to information that directly affects them. So, summarise any local market developments and insights in your real estate newsletter to position yourself as a well-informed Property Manager in your local area. You can talk about exciting properties and local real estate reports, home values, list prices and upcoming projects. This information can be gathered from city council records and official websites. 

2. Feature client testimonials

Client testimonials are extremely impactful to generate trust among your newsletter recipients. Testimonials are social proof. According to recent statistics, around 79 per cent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations which increases their confidence in a business.

Featuring client feedback as a topic in your monthly newsletter can pique your reader’s interest because happy and satisfied clients are proof that you are a dependable Property Manager.

3. New property listings

Promoting your latest rental listings is a great way to expand their reach and boost click-through traffic to your website. 

Some of your subscribers may not be looking to lease or rent right now, but a particular listing may capture their attention and interest, as well as impress them so they choose to list with you in the future. They may also know someone who they think would love your listing and forward your newsletter on.

4. Create a calendar of local events

At the start of every month, collate all relevant upcoming local events like festivals, holiday celebrations and parades, and then inform your readers about what they can expect at each one of them. Niche group meetings like book clubs and charitable organisations may also be of interest to specific sections of your audience and can really show you have your finger on the local pulse.

5. Join forces with a financial expert

Sharing the opinion and advice of a reputable and local financial expert will help create informative posts for homebuyers, sellers, renters and landlords. For instance, your newsletter can have a series around different financing options and the costs associated with renting and investing in property. For landlords, it might also include some smart tips on how to maximise rental income. Tease the series on your socials before releasing it to earn more uptake.

6. Provide helpful guides

People love information.

Topics of interest such as ‘the complete guide to moving homes’ or ‘home renovation tips’ are great ideas that your readers will be interested in. This will ensure they keep coming back and opening your newsletter.

Offer tips from your own experiences or interview a local expert on a relevant subject to share their two cents on the matter. You can even suggest contractors and professionals you trust to help people with their challenges to create valuable real estate newsletter content.

7. Cover the latest government property initiatives

Government initiatives for home buyers and property owners are forever changing.

Most of your readers may not be aware of these government updates, which gives you an opportunity to lead the conversation and provide value. Be on the lookout for official announcements and check information about the latest grants, stamp duty exemptions, government-backed programs, discounts and rebates which you can then include in your next newsletter.

8. Answers to reader FAQs

People have lots of questions. So, be the one who provides lots of answers!

Think of this idea as a mini advice column where you answer questions about real estate and property management. You can even invite your readers to submit their burning questions about renting, leasing and the local market, home renovations and design trends. Then, pick one question to answer per issue. 

You can also use your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to invite followers to submit their questions, creating an opportunity to gain more newsletter subscribers.

9. Local business spotlights

Supporting local businesses has become a priority for many real estate agencies over the last few years. By featuring small local businesses in your newsletter, Property Managers can catch the attention of potential leads and clients, while forming valuable relationships with other business owners in the area, further demonstrating your local expertise.

10. Showcase how you work and the tools you use

Whether it’s about your process or other technological advancements, clients love innovation, especially if it reassures them of your capabilities.

By showcasing how your agency utilises a dedicated property management platform such as PropertyMe, you can demonstrate your brand value, establish trust and communicate your agency’s services and achievements.

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