PropertyMe Feature Spotlight: Managing sales


PropertyMe Feature Spotlight: Managing sales

Having a sales component within your trust accounting software can help you successfully manage a sales process end-to-end. The key sale features could mostly consist of managing sales agreements, processing sales and marketing receipts, managing the sale stages and tracking and monitoring all transactions.

Our sales features are included in your monthly PropertyMe subscription and are designed to help you do just that. In this month’s PropertyMe Feature Spotlight, we take a closer look at sales in PropertyMe and how our new Listings feature can assist your business.

What are the features that help me manage sales in PropertyMe?

Managing sales in PropertyMe utilises all of the property management features that you already know and love, with a few extras that will help you manage a sales process.

TIP: When getting started on upskilling and training, don’t forget to utilise your Demo Portfolio when completing these activities. This is going to help you to learn and make mistakes without disrupting your live portfolio.

Create your sales property

PropertyMe is a complete solution which can help you with your sales process. You can input the sale property and attach the seller and buyer information to it. You can also track your sales process, attach and edit documents such as a sales agreement, account for any sales deposits and vendor paid advertising.

Sales Trust Accounting Create and Edit Sale Agreement 1

TIP: Check out our Knowledge Base article on how to set up a sales property.


In PropertyMe, when it comes to tracking and managing transactions against a sale folio, the best process for this is to issue a sales receipt. A sales receipt records funds which are transacted during a sale process. This can be things such as marketing costs and sale deposits.

Sales Trust Accounting Create Sales Receipt 1

TIP: Check out our Knowledge Base articles on how to add or receipt to multiple buyers or receipt a sales deposit or prepaid marketing to be even more informed on receipting sales transactions.

Manage settlement

Once your property has been sold, you can settle the sale in a few seamless steps in PropertyMe. You can settle a contract of sale including, charging commission, accounting for advertising costs if required and disbursing the balance of the deposit to the seller. 

TIP: If you’re a PropertyMe user, be sure to watch our tutorial on how to settle a sale or follow our step-by-step guide.

Archiving your property

Once the property has settled and all disbursements have been completed, if you wish to archive or move properties to your rentals, PropertyMe supports both of these functions.

TIP: Check out our Knowledge Base article for a step-by-step guide on how to archive a sales folio or you can watch our tutorial on how to archive a sale property or transfer to property management.


Listings is a Standard Plan feature in PropertyMe, which allows you to market your sales or rental properties directly from within PropertyMe. Whether you are entering or updating pricing details, this will synchronise with the portals that you have integrated with such as, and, or your business website.


TIP: Check out our Knowledge Base to watch a tutorial on Listings overview for Standard Plan users

Managing sales in PropertyMe FAQ

We understand that you could have a few questions when related to managing sales in PropertyMe. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions: 

  1. I need a seperate sales portfolio to my property management portfolio, how much is that going to cost me? Our base package of up to 100 properties is $165 including GST per month for our Basic plan and $297 including GST per month for our Standard plan. There will also be a one-off onboarding fee which varies depending on your portfolio size. To learn more, visit our pricing page and use our pricing slider to find out the cost for your business.
  2. I’d really like to utilise Listings for my sales portfolio, how do I do this? You can definitely use our Listings feature. It is currently exclusive to our Standard plan which is $297 including GST for the first 200 properties.
  3. After I sign up for a new portfolio, how long until I am set up? After activating your new sales portfolio, our setup team will be in contact with you within 3 business hours to schedule your initial appointments. Our setup team will give you a precise timeline of when you will be live, but the rough estimate from here is within 7-14 days.
  4. During the setup stage, am I able to use my new account? You most certainly can! Data entry-based tasks such as adding sale properties and owners can be completed between setup appointments. Any account-related tasks such as disbursements cannot be completed until the process has been confirmed with your setup specialist.
  5. Am I able to migrate over any existing sales into my new sales portfolio? We don’t recommend that you move any properties from your existing portfolio to your new portfolio. Any properties which have been or are currently for sale in your existing portfolio, are recommended to remain in there for audit purposes. If you need further information, be sure to contact your auditor for confirmation.
  6. How do I set up a new portfolio in PropertyMe? If you are required to create a separate portfolio for your sales account, setting this up yourself has been made very simple. Simply navigate to the top right corner of your PropertyMe dashboard which displays your profile. Click on ‘your profile’
    Set up a portfolio Step 1
    Navigate to the portfolios tab and click the link ‘open a new portfolio’. 

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