A peek into October at PropertyMe (2021)


A peek into October at PropertyMe (2021)

October has been a month of relief for many of us, with life returning back to normal in many parts of Australia. From going out to the movies, too doing a bit of harmless shopping and looking forward to seeing our work colleagues in real life again, lockdown is starting to seem like a blip in time. If October taught us anything, it’s that we need to take more time to appreciate the simple things in life, and celebrate our small victories. 

At PropertyMe, October brought forward many exciting new opportunities that we couldn’t wait to finally share with our supportive community. We had been working tirelessly behind the scenes for months, and couldn’t contain our excitement and relief when everything went live. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without our community, and for that we want to thank you. With that being said, let’s take a peek at what the past month meant for PropertyMe. 

Automation Studio launch

On the 21st of October we launched Arrears Automation as the first feature of the new Automation Studio. As the name suggests, Automation Studio allows you to automate your workflow like magic. By permitting you to create templates for your repetitive tasks such as arrears notices, you will be able to focus your time and attention on the tasks that make all the difference to your clients, while letting us handle the mundane. Arrears Automation is only the beginning for Automation Studio, as we look to release Job and Inspection automations in the future. 

Automation Studio Lunch & Learn

Christina and Peter are no strangers to hosting a Lunch & Learn, however this month’s installment was particularly exciting as we launched Automation Studio. We received 200 comments over the half hour livestream, with the PropertyMe community showcasing their excitement and gratitude. Describing it as their “new favourite Standard Plan feature”, Peter and Christina went on to demonstrate how it works, as well as answering community questions. They were also joined by special guest Sarah Dawson, Chief Revenue Officer for PropertyMe, who stated that she thinks of Automation Studio as a “framework for the future for Property Managers”. She also went on to discuss that “when we look at any new feature, we look at saving a Property Manager time by making sure it’s simple to use — and Automation Studio does all of those things”. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to watch the Lunch & Learn here

Highland Property Group testimonial video

Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure of meeting  with Highland Property Group to collaborate on a testimonial video. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the team and why they love PropertyMe, and want to extend a massive thank you to them. 

Highland Property Group was founded in 2007 and operates within the Sutherland Shire, New South Wales. We sat down with Partner, Brad McHugh and his team to discuss their experience using PropertyMe. They made a notable emphasis on how seamless the migration to PropertyMe was, stating that “there tends to be a stigma in the real estate industry about migrating, that it can be too hard. In saying that, PropertyMe did an excellent job of giving us the tools to migrate easily and effectively. When we paired this with our own preparation and homework, it made the whole process rather seamless.” 

Inbound SMS

In May we released our Inbound SMS feature, which allows Property Managers to streamline their communications, in a unified inbox. The inbox centralizes all incoming email and SMS messages, allowing you to reply from the convenience of the browser or app. We are pleased to share that our Inbound SMS has been a popular feature with PropertyMe users, with some members of our community sharing their thoughts with us this month.  

“The new SMS feature within PropertyMe is a game changer! We find our Owners, Tenants & Suppliers are all responding quicker to our questions, in turn allowing us to resolve matters more efficiently!”  — Isabel Coulson, Coulson & Co Real Estate

“We have found the inbound SMS function of PropertyMe invaluable to our business. Being able to communicate quickly with our owners, tenants & tradespeople has increased our productivity & our client satisfaction.” — Heidi Russell, Director at Little Bird Properties

“Our office loves the new inbound messaging service from PropertyMe. This service has made it so much easier and more efficient to communicate with our customers & clients – in particular our tenants. Being able to keep a record of our conversations is a great feature and useful for reporting in a dispute situation. We are really glad that we have chosen to take up this great feature!” — Abbey Berry, Director of Property Management at 4one4 Property Co. 

If you haven’t already, we urge you to take a look at our Inbound SMS feature here

Thank you for taking the time to read about October at PropertyMe, we look forward to sharing new updates with you again next month!

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