A peek into the month of May at PropertyMe (2021)


A peek into the month of May at PropertyMe (2021)

May was a massive month here at PropertyMe HQ, and well, we wanted to share it all with you. It’s getting a bit chilly here in Sydney, so we’re rugging up and opting for an extra coffee at the end of the day to keep ourselves a touch warmer. 

Throughout this month, we were delighted to welcome over 150 new customers to our PropertyMe community. One of our favourite things about welcoming new clients onboard is getting to showcase how much time they can save with our streamlined features which are designed to simplify their workflows. 

Speaking of features, this month we released a number of highly anticipated features within PropertyMe, including our most requested feature in PropertyMe history: Inbound SMS. Wondering what Inbound SMS is? Inbound SMS is a revolutionary feature that allows you to access all your email and SMS messages from one central location — your PropertyMe inbox. 

To unpack our new feature, Inbound SMS, we dove straight back into hosting our well-loved Facebook Lunch & Learns with a new dynamic duo. Peter and Christina, our Support and Onboarding Team Leaders, ran through the functionality of the feature and gave their tips and tricks on how to best utilise it.

Our support team served almost 5,000 chats and maintained a 97.9% customer satisfaction for chat. If that’s not enough, the first response time for our chats was a total of 0.51 seconds.

We also welcomed five new team members on board, each ready and excited to get their hands dirty to help grow and further develop PropertyMe. One of those team members being our brand new CCO, Jo Harding.

Over the last seven years, Jo has become a customer service expert. By researching and applying the customer success framework, she was able to drive client satisfaction levels to new heights across multiple organisations.

“By showing customers how your product or service helps them achieve success and drive efficiencies in their business, you’ll be able to keep your customers satisfied.”

Here at PropertyMe, we are incredibly lucky to have team members who love to bake, and share their baking skills with us. This month, our colleague Antonio made some delicious cinnamon scrolls for everyone to enjoy. Needless to say, they were completely demolished within roughly 3.5 minutes.

Our marketing team travelled offsite, all the way down to the famous Shire in South Sydney. Most Sydneysiders will tell you that when travelling to The Shire, you’ll need a passport. Funnily enough, we made it without one. We interviewed Brad McHugh, from Highland Property Group about his experience with PropertyMe. Keep your eyes peeled for the video interview, which will be coming soon.

 Finally, after a huge month of sales, welcoming new staff and introducing new features to the software and working together as a team, we enjoyed Friday night canapes and drinks. Every month we put on a spread that everyone is invited to, to reconnect and celebrate the milestones we have crossed throughout the month.  

Thank you for taking the time to read the month of May at PropertyMe, we look forward to sharing new updates with you again next month!

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