Integrator Spotlight: Snug


Integrator Spotlight: Snug

Making renting a breeze: Snug’s journey towards a better rental experience

In the world of leasing, where paperwork can overshadow the excitement of finding a new home, Snug is a tech-savvy ally that is revolutionizing the journey from  ‘vacant’ to ‘leased’, with a seamless PropertyMe Integration. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at Snug’s story, their vision and how they’re changing the game for renters, owners and Property Managers alike.

A Glimpse into the past

Back in 2017, Australia was home to a whopping 2.5 million rental properties, with a third of the population opting for the rental lifestyle. Amidst this bustling market, there were separate silos of information between paper systems, application management systems and property management systems.

Closing the loop, Snug was brought to life by its visionary Founder, Justin Butterworth, and the tech wizard, Jason Elston, Snug’s CTO. Justin had previously worked wonders in the world of online holiday rentals with Stayz and HomeAway, bringing efficiency and joy to both owners and renters. Jason, with his background in leading tech teams at Fairfax, was no stranger to tackling complex problems head-on.

Through research and valuable input from renters, they crafted a platform that was quick to set up, easy to use and instantly valuable to Property Managers. Giving advanced users the extra flexibility to customise Snug to suit their unique needs and local markets.

From vacant to managed

Snug’s innovative solutions help Property Managers coordinate pre-application submissions, streamline property viewings with QR codes, and simplify check-ins using a mobile web app. Among the standout features is the viewing run wizard, which saves time and travel for Property Managers — think PropertyMe Inspection Planning, but for open homes!

Snug offers the ability to customise synchronisation with your PropertyMe platform for benefits including:

1. Sync tenant and owner contacts to automate entry notices, streamline owner SMS and email reporting or share application summaries.

2. Sync Property details to streamline Key management and assigned Property

Manager fields.

3. Connect PropertyMe Listings to upload listings and viewing times.

Putting clients first

Snug has always put its clients at the forefront. They offer customer support six days a week to leasing teams and renters, ensuring a seamless experience for all. Account management is another feather in their cap, guaranteeing Snug’s success for every real estate business they serve.

Moreover, Snug has proudly championed privacy and data security across their software. They’re on a mission to make renting safer for everyone involved, reducing risks for real estate businesses and ensuring renters stay protected online.

The Win-Win-Win philosophy

Snug’s core philosophy is a “win-win-win.” They believe that by making renting easier and more efficient, everyone benefits. Renters enjoy the security of a home, Property Managers enhance their local reputation, and investors reap higher returns on their properties. It’s a harmonious trifecta that Snug is all about.

Innovations never cease

Snug continues to innovate at a rapid pace, rolling out around 20 platform enhancements weekly. From trusted third-party verified information to automation, AI and open banking integration, they’re arming leasing teams with the tools they need to confidently secure the best renters faster. Enhanced prospecting, business development tools, insights and reporting are also in the pipeline, providing sustainable and profitable growth for real estate businesses.

In the world of leasing, Snug is the game-changer, the friendly face that’s making renting easier for everyone involved. With a passion for innovation and a relentless focus on improving the rental experience, Snug is indeed making leasing feel good. So, if you’re looking to rent or manage properties, consider giving Snug a try.