PropertyMe surpasses 3,000 subscribers


PropertyMe surpasses 3,000 subscribers

We’re proud to announce that PropertyMe has now surpassed 3,000 cloud subscribers across Australia and New Zealand. This comes just months after reaching 2,500 subscribers in August 2019 and less than a year after our 2,000 customer milestone.

PropertyMe was born in the cloud to service the evolving needs of the modern property manager. Since launching, we have delivered more than 1,700 innovative new features and enhancements to help customers increase efficiency, improve their service offering and break new ground in the industry.

Today, PropertyMe assists the real estate industry in processing more than $1 billion every month and facilitating in excess of 4.1 million conversations, 1.5 million maintenance jobs and 1.1 million inspections annually.

PropertyMe’s 3,000th customer, Belle Property Cairns, has seen efficiency gains after just two weeks on PropertyMe.

Belle Property Cairns Principal Nicholas Slatyer said, “Our team of property managers were overwhelmingly convinced that upgrading to PropertyMe would greatly improve their efficiency. Not only was the transition seamless but the support provided was fantastic and we’re very happy with the increase in productivity.”

PropertyMe has been recognised by Belle Property as a preferred supplier for property management software group-wide. This follows a strong partnership with the Hockingstuart group which dates back to 2018.

PropertyMe Surpasses 3000 Subscribers Belle Property Cairns

PropertyMe General Manager of Sales and Service Lisa Pentland said, “This milestone allows us to reflect on the huge impact we’ve been able to make on the industry. On average, customers save between 30 and 150 hours a month depending on portfolio size and business structure.”

“We found that these efficiency gains allowed our customers to boost growth and profitability while increasing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, 86% of customers surveyed noticed a positive cultural change after switching to PropertyMe, namely less stress, improved team retention and greater work satisfaction.”

Belle Property Cairns Property Manager Eve Brookes said, “PropertyMe allows me to provide a higher level of service. Repetitive tasks are taken care of using automated workflows—it’s like having a built-in personal assistant that doesn’t skip a beat.”

Pentland believes that the success of PropertyMe can be attributed to the goodwill of the community and the wider real estate industry.

“Listening to and acting upon feedback has been instrumental in the development of new features and customer-centric support options.”

PropertyMe Surpasses 3000 Subscribers Adam Pond

“With the growth of our subscriber base, we have brought on additional support and development resources to expand our service offering and ensure speed of delivery.”

In the past few months, we have implemented live chat, redesigned our online Knowledge Base and launched an intelligent answer bot and support widget to better assist customers. As a result, we have cut our support issue resolution time by more than 75%. This means that customers are empowered by choice and can get their issues resolved faster than ever.

PropertyMe Surpasses 3000 Subscribers PropertyMe Team

“Innovation is an ongoing process and we’re continuing to gather momentum. Looking ahead, we have many exciting features in development that we can’t wait to share with our community and the wider industry.”