100 boredom-busting social distancing activities

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100 boredom-busting social distancing activities

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and many authorities have urged citizens to stay at home whenever possible to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Closer to home, Australia has implemented a nationwide lockdown with states closing down borders and non-essential services to help flatten the curve.

So if you’re practicing social distancing by staying at home, you’re not alone. To help you beat the stay-at-home blues, here are 100 social distancing activities you can do by yourself or with friends, family members or children.

Social distancing activities

  1. Listen to a podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher
  2. Listen to an audiobook on Audible
  3. Visit a virtual museum or art gallery
  4. Enrich your mind via Great Big Story or TED Talks
  5. Deep clean the house
  6. Reconfigure or redecorate your home
  7. Host a Netflix streaming party with friends or family
  8. Start a book club with friends
  9. Watch Netflix, Disney Plus or television
  10. Learn how to solve the Rubix cube
  11. Learn something new on Udemy or Lynda
  12. Listen to music and dance like no one’s watching
  13. Read The New York Times Learning Network
  14. Meditate once a day using Calm or Headspace
  15. Catch up on sleep but maintain a routine
  16. Schedule virtual hangouts using Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger
  17. Write a note to your neighbours so they know how to contact you if they need assistance
  18. Stretch out with free online yoga or Yoga with Adriene
  19. Do a Blogilates or Kayla Itsines workout
  20. Follow a recipe from Youtube, BuzzFeed Tasty or Bon Appetit
  21. Start a gratitude journal or bullet journal
  22. Join an online workout class
  23. Exercise with your friends virtually using video chat
  24. Start a side business on Shopify, Ebay or Squarespace
  25. Sign up for freelance work on Upwork or Freelancer
  26. Go for a run and track your activity using Strava or Nike Run Club
  27. Play Scrabble Go, Settlers of Catan, Jackbox Games or Uno with friends and family
  28. Walk or cycle around the block or at the local park
  29. Try the Pomodoro Technique to improve productivity
  30. Declutter your physical and digital space using the Marie Kondo method
  31. Learn a new word every day using Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
  32. Spend five minutes every day learning a new language using Duolingo
  33. Host virtual board game night via Pogo
  34. Use Discord or Steam to remotely play games against friends and family
  35. Play role playing video games like Stardew Valley, Sims or Animal Crossing
  36. Read online comics via GoComics
  37. Develop good habits by participating in a 30-day challenge
  38. Schedule a virtual paint and sip with friends and family
  39. Explore the world via Google Maps Street View Gallery
  40. Take a virtual hike via Google Street View Trekker
  41. Write a comedy skit, song, play or slam poem
  42. Engage in some therapeutic colouring in
  43. Get your finances in order by paying your bills and creating a budget and expense tracker
  44. Learn how to play or practice playing an instrument
  45. Start a podcast using Anchor
  46. Start a blog on WordPress, Wix or Tumblr
  47. Write letters or postcards to friends and family members
  48. Write a letter to your past or future self
  49. Check out a virtual music gig

    Social distancing activities for children

  50. Learn about astronomy and stargaze at night
  51. Watch educational shows like National Geographic Kids or one of these from Netflix
  52. Attend virtual theatre classes courtesy of Stages Theatre Company
  53. Camp in the backyard and make smores
  54. Complete a jigsaw puzzle with your kids
  55. Dive into some arts and crafts projects
  56. Learn about farming and agriculture with FarmFood 360’s immersive tours
  57. Build a blanket fort with your kids
  58. Host a Netflix streaming slumber party for your kids and their friends
  59. Pamper your kids with a stay-at-home spa day
  60. Make a shoebox diorama
  61. Have a picnic in the backyard
  62. Bake a cake or batch of cookies
  63. Build a Lego castle or house
  64. Plant a herb garden
  65. Get moving via GoNoodle’s movement and mindfulness videos
  66. Start a family band
  67. Stream a Broadway show
  68. Educate your kids using Scholastic Learn at Home projects
  69. Make pizza or pasta from scratch with your kids
  70. Play soccer or catch in the backyard
  71. Put on a talent show with your kids
  72. Explore the sights, sounds and stories of Uluru
  73. Learn a dance via Youtube
  74. Play Hide and Seek
  75. Play board games or card games
  76. Learn how to make origami
  77. Make some sock puppets and put on a show for the family
  78. Print some photos and create a family scrapbook
  79. Learn history via interactive games and challenges
  80. Host a family karaoke night via KaraFun
  81. Make a time capsule and have your kids write a letter to their future self

    Social distancing activities for property managers

  82. Read these coronavirus preparation ideas for property managers
  83. Set up your work from home space
  84. Declutter and organise your physical and digital workspaces
  85. Listen to a real estate podcast
  86. Ensure your properties all have photos
  87. Enhance listing photos using Boxbrownie.com, Fixthephoto or Virtual Furniture
  88. Learn how to grow your rent roll
  89. Double down on marketing via Facebook or Google
  90. Update your message templates, signature, voicemail and auto reply
  91. Take your own professional headshot at home if yours is currently outdated
  92. Stay up to date with legislation via REIA and your local real estate institute
  93. Stay up to date with industry news and trends via the PropertyMe blog
  94. Backup all your documents and images using Google Drive, Dropbox or property management software
  95. Update your CRM database and email lists
  96. Read the latest release notes for your property management software
  97. Switch to your demo portfolio and test new features
  98. Clean and organise your email inbox
  99. Download the PropertyMe Agent mobile app for iPhone or Android
  100. Upskill via online TAFE courses, Real Estate Dynamics or Real+

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