How to begin the work year on an organised note

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How to begin the work year on an organised note

It’s said that how you start your day, directly affects the quality of it, and the same rings true for your year. With the trials and tribulations that the past couple of years presented, it’s no surprise that we want 2022 to go off without a hitch. However, for this to happen, we must ensure that we are organised from the get-go, both in our personal and professional lives. 

As you return from a much needed break, it’s easy to stay on island-time or slip back into old work habits, causing stress and frustration down the line. This stress can be avoided by taking a few proactive steps, helping you to reach your goals for 2022 and start the work year off on an organised note. Take a look at our list of five actionable steps you can take to achieve this. 

  1. Take the time to organise your calendar and planner

Having a calendar is a godsend, however, if you don’t utilise it properly it can create more confusion and stress. Therefore, it’s important to block out time at the start of the year to add all important dates and events, before they start piling up. The sooner you get on top of your calendar the better, as it’s difficult to play catch up.

We recommend setting out a half hour on your first day back in the office to assemble your list of key dates, and mark them into your calendar. The debate still stands on paperback diaries versus virtual planners, so we won’t attempt to persuade you either way. Regardless of what you use, we strongly recommend having a colour coding system that allows you to decipher your events and tasks at a glance. 

  1. Outline your goals for the upcoming year

We’re all familiar with the concept of goal setting, however it’s a step that very few actually put into practice. Laying out your goals for the new year, whether they be short or long term, allows you to visualise the year and how you would like it to play out. There are elements of our work life that are out of our control, but what we can control is our goals, work ethic and attitude. 

Furthermore, it’s important to write these goals down, as well as the steps that are necessary to reach them. People who write down their goals as opposed to just thinking about them are 20% more likely to reach them. If you want to go the extra mile, you can schedule monthly reminders on your calendar to touch base with yourself and see how you are tracking. 

  1. Decide how to spend your commute time

For many, commuting takes up a decent portion of any weekday, with the average Australian commuting for 48 minutes a day. Whether you drive, walk or catch public transportation, you are left with large pockets of time that cannot be spent working or leisuring. This is an exciting prospect, as you can use the time to get psyched up for work, or wind down after a long day. 

We recommend observing what type of media makes you feel energised and relaxed, and implementing this into your daily commute. Whether it’s a hardcore rap playlist, property podcast or relaxing classical music, what you listen to has a direct impact on your day and productivity levels. To find out more about the top podcasts for Property Managers click here.

  1. Communicate your needs with your boss

Have your children’s child care hours changed or are you more productive working from home? We all have different needs and schedules that allow us to fulfil our jobs to the best of our ability.  If there’s one positive thing to come out of the many lockdowns we have endured, it’s that workplaces are a lot more flexible than ever before. 

So, be open and honest with your boss from the get-go, this way they can work with you to accommodate your needs. Being honest from the beginning of the year will only positively impact your whole team, as the lines of communication will be opened, allowing everyone to feel comfortable in the workplace.

  1. Review your processes over the first two weeks

It’s easy to get on autopilot mode once you settle back into the rhythm of work, and before you even realise it’s December again. Your workplace and practices should be constantly evolving to allow for new positive changes and best practices. These changes won’t occur unless you review and monitor what is currently working well, and what could be improved. 

Take the first two weeks back at work to constantly check in with yourself. Every afternoon take five minutes to write down what worked well for you that day and what could use some improvement. This could span from the way you interacted with your co-workers to the time management of your team. This quick reflection will allow you to sharpen your tools, and improve on your performance in 2021. 

So there you have it, our top tips to start the work year off on the right foot and set your goals into motion. 

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