A peek into November at PropertyMe


A peek into November at PropertyMe

It’s officially December, which means we’re only four weekends away from Christmas! If you’re wondering how that happened so quickly, you wouldn’t be the only one. 2023 has been an eventful and exciting year for the PropertyMe team, and as they always say, time flies when you’re having fun. This has particularly rung true for November as we’ve had the pleasure of visiting our Kiwi counterparts for a good portion of the past month. Beyond that, our team back in Sydney has been busy working on a noteworthy upcoming feature release, as well as finalising the details for our internal Christmas party. We hope your offices are also starting to get into the holiday spirit, as the tinsel starts to creep out of storage and the radio features a heavy amount of Michael Buble. With that being said, let’s take a look at what we got up to over the past month.

TMC 2023

The highlight of our month was the trip we took over the ditch to New Zealand. We always love meeting with our existing and prospective community in the flesh, however, this was extra special as we got the chance to attend TPS’ TMC for the first time. Held in the stunning Shed 10 in Auckland, the conference was filled with like-minded delegates, who were excited about what was to come for the industry. We grasped the chance to speak to prospective customers about what’s to come at PropertyMe and how they could streamline their processes. We even had a live portrait painter, who created bespoke images of the conference guests, what a treat! 

The conference was topped off with the TMC Award’s Gala, which allowed us to recognise all of the hard work the industry has put in, as well as familiarise ourselves with New Zealand’s rising stars. The trip left us with smiles from ear to ear, and we’re already excited about what next year’s conference has to offer! Until next time, haere rā.

PMC 2023

Continuing our New Zealand expedition, we were fortunate enough to revisit windy Wellington for PMC 2023. Last year was our first time touching down in the gusty city, as we attended the stellar conference run by David Faulkner. So we were extremely eager to return in 2023. From the guest speakers to the awards night and pre-event mixer we were met with the Kiwi-spirit and left feeling more connected than ever. 

We had a fantastic time developing our relationship with our Kiwi customers and integrators, particularly the crew from Renti. We hope you all got to know us and our platform better and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces when we return in 2024! We can’t believe it’s almost 2024 either…

Thank a Property Manager Competition

We welcome any opportunity to praise our community for their hard work throughout the year! With Thank a Property Manager’s Day just passing us by, we thought there was no better time. This year we’ve brought our competition back, with a Kikki K planner, Frank Green set and Haigh’s chocolate truffle box up for grabs. So we implore you to head over to our socials and tag a Property Manager you want to express your gratitude for. Click the link here!

SOCO Realty Case Study

Since filming with the SOCO Realty team earlier in the year we’ve been chomping at the bit to release the case study video! From the moment we met with Ashleigh Goodchild and her team, we were blown away by their efficiency and streamlined processes. The family-owned business has continually out-performed themselves, sweeping up at the REIWA Awards Night just this month. While the location in South Perth was nothing short of a postcard, it was the conversations we got to have with the team that stuck with us. When asked about the platform Ashleigh stated, “We are currently using PropertyMe for all our trust accounting and our routine inspections and finals and property condition reports. We tap into the support networks, whether it’s live chat or to our territory manager, or when we need a bit of extra support with PropertyMe.”

Check out the Case Study here.

November team Birthdays

We take a lot of pride in celebrating our growing team, particularly when they reach a milestone like a birthday or anniversary. This month our office team put on a delectable spread of donuts for our November babies, complete with edible names… now that’s the five-star treatment. With the risk of sounding like a broken record, we relish the opportunity to get together as a team, usually over food, and celebrate our personal and professional achievements. As the saying goes, when the team is happy they’ll enjoy coming to work, and as a result, perform better. Our next team milestone is our annual Christmas party, which rolls around in a few weeks. We look forward to celebrating the Christmas cheer with our team before everyone heads off to their respective families for a little R&R.

Thank you for taking the time to read about November at PropertyMe, we look forward to sharing new updates with you again next month!

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