May Release: Lease Renewals, Tasks messaging, Insights and Inspections updates


May Release: Lease Renewals, Tasks messaging, Insights and Inspections updates

Introducing Lease Renewals

Streamlined. Centralised. Sorted.

The introduction of Lease Renewals to the PropertyMe feature suite has created a flurry of activity within our user community, with hundreds of Property Managers attending training sessions or simply jumping straight in and scheduling their renewals for 2024.

Designed with a core focus on improving customer experience, facilitating team collaboration and streamlining the entire process in a central powerhouse, the Lease Renewals hub.

Flexible and powerful

Whether you prefer a high-level overview through the streamlined summary screen, or to deep dive into each property’s activities, simple one-click navigation between the summary view, and property hub means you will have the information you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

Connecting the PropertyMe features you know, love and use on a daily basis, Lease Renewals works in sync with Messages, Tasks, Templates, Checklists, Forms integrations, SMS, Comments, @mentions and Documents.

Messaging within Tasks

Eliminate multi-tab-hopping with our latest update to Tasks! Individual and bulk emails. SMS and letters can be sent directly from Tasks to Owners, Tenants and contacts.

Insights Metrics

As part of our advanced metrics updates to Insights in PropertyMe, we’ve redefined the Active Properties metric featured on both the Insights dashboard and the Agency Insights By Month report.

Download Inspection photos in bulk

Inspection report photos are now downloaded in bulk. Just click on any photo whilst viewing an Entry Inspection Report, Vacate Report or Routine Inspection Report and you’ll be able to download all Agent or Tenant photos linked to that room with one click.

We are committed to continuously enhancing your experience and are excited for you to try these new features. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please do not hesitate to reach out via [email protected] with any comments or suggestions. Let’s make property management smoother and more efficient together!

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