April Release: Tenant Invoice Alerts, Periodic Tenancies, and more 


April Release: Tenant Invoice Alerts, Periodic Tenancies, and more 

What’s better than three long weekends in one month? How about having three new, highly requested features released in one month?

This April, we introduced three new cool kids on the PropertyMe block: Tenant Invoice Alerts, Periodic Tenancies, and Document Name Editing. Read on to learn more about these time-saving features.

Tenant Invoice Alerts

We’ve added a new feature to make your invoicing flow even smoother! 

When it comes to invoicing, the person entering the invoices is often not the same person who speaks to the owners. This is especially true for larger portfolios. Luckily, with Tenant Invoice Alerts, you can now add a pop-up that alerts employees when a specific invoice has been paid. It’s also a handy way to set a reminder noting the amount each tenant is billed for water.

See how much you need to charge each tenant and immediately see if there’s an invoice credit for each specific tenant. Property Managers, Trust Accountants and the entire team will love this new, highly requested feature.

Click here to find out exactly how to add Tenant Invoice Alerts.

Periodic Tenancies

If you have plenty of tenants opting to go month to month, you’ll love this new feature. Now you can easily flag when there is a Periodic tenancy. This ensures they do not appear on your renewals as outstanding. Plus, your report statistics will be tidied up too.

It’s time to tidy up your tasks with Periodic Tenancies. Click here to find out how you can set up your Periodic Tenancy Indicator.

Document Name Editing 

Searching for a document but can’t remember the name? You can now easily edit document names directly in PropertyMe. 

Whether it be a maintenance form, a smoke compliance certificate or any other form, you can now rename it however you like. This means you can find it quickly and easily when searching at a later date.

This is particularly helpful when receiving documents via email in your Unified Inbox. Have you ever had a supplier or tenant send you a very arbitrarily named document such as “ahsjdhks.pdf”? Now you can easily rename this document in PropertyMe, so you and your team can find it. There’s no need to download it, name it and upload it again.

Click here to get an in-depth look into Document Name Editing on our Knowledge Base.

Join the Community with questions 

Questions or concerns about anything we’ve rolled out this month? Peter and Christina will be running another Lunch & Learn in May, answering any and all questions! Add your email here to get a notification and have your questions prepped!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our May Release update

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the features we’ve added to PropertyMe. As always, thank you for being part of the PropertyMe community. Stay tuned for our next May Release blog post to get all the latest updates on what’s new at PropertyMe.