March Release: have you tried our new highly requested features?


March Release: have you tried our new highly requested features?

With the whirlwind of the festive season now a distant memory, it’s time to truly get settled into 2022 and focus on those new year’s resolutions. If one of your resolutions was to find more time to focus on what matters most or to be more productive, then you’re going to love our March Release.

March roundup: Effective paid to dates, Lease renewal fee prompts, Tenant Invoice Credits, and more

In 2022 we’re laser-focused on streamlining your tasks while delivering a delightful PropertyMe experience. With this in mind, the team put together a huge launch of three highly requested features to make your life easier. We’ve added:

  • A handy new display of Effective paid to dates
  • Lease renewal fee prompts sure to have you feeling more organised than ever
  • And a wonderfully simple setup to add Tenant Invoice Credits, anytime you need!

We’ve also added further improvements to Bank Feeds and REA Listings, plus several bug fixes.

Effective paid to dates galore

We’ve added this neat little feature so you never have to track down an Effective paid to date again. Know precisely where your tenants are paid to, including when they have a part paid amount. Without having to lift a finger. You’ll find these new effective paid to dates all throughout PropertyMe on:

  • Property pages
  • Tenant Folios
  • Tenant History reports
  • Tenant receipts
  • Tenancy reports 

How can I set up Effective paid to dates?

To activate, simply follow the steps below :

  1. Go into Settings via your portfolio name at the top left hand of the screen
  2. Click on Company under Portfolio
  3. Scroll down and locate Show effective paid to dates and select Yes 
  4. Click Save

Once this is set up you’ll notice a fully paid to date, a part payment amount if applicable and an Effective paid to date. Click here to get an in-depth look into Effective paid to dates on our Knowledge Base.

Tenant invoice credits in seconds

Tired of too many invoice credits floating around? With this new feature, you can clean that right up!  With Tenant invoice credits you can easily and neatly apply credits to your invoices, similarly to how you would apply a rent credit. This credit and the details you apply will then appear on both your tenant history reports and invoices. So you can immediately see if there’s an invoice credit for a particular tenant.

With this new feature you can:

👉 Write off an invoice balance

👉 Give a discount on the invoice

👉 Easily add any credits requests by an owner

Now your tenant will receive just the balance owing with the credits applied, rather than the invoice in full.

How can I set up Tenant Invoice Credits?

Apply Tenant Invoice Credits in 5 simple steps:

  1. Head to Accounts and then Invoices
  2. Select the invoice you wish to apply the credit to
  3. Click on Manage Credits
  4. Add a reason for the credit such as “Water” and the amount
  5. Click Save

Note: you can add up to 5 invoice credits but you cannot add more credits than the balance value of the invoice. Invoice credits can only be applied to one-off invoices. Click here to find out more about Tenant Invoice Credits.

Lease renewal fee prompts have got your back!

Never miss out on a lease renewal fee again! You can now easily create prompts reminding you to charge a lease renewal fee. This can be set up easily inside the tenant folio. Making the busy life of a Property Manager just that little bit easier.

How can I set up Lease renewal fee prompts?

Once you have followed the initial setup of a fee, you can then apply this fee in a variety of ways throughout the app. For a full rundown on how to apply Lease renewal fee prompts, check out our guide here

Join the Community with questions 

Questions or concerns about anything we’ve rolled out this month? Peter and Christina will be running another Lunch & Learn in April, answering any and all questions! Add your email here to get a notification and have your questions prepped!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our April Release update

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the features we’ve added to PropertyMe. As always, thank you for being part of the PropertyMe community. Stay tuned for our next April Release blog post to get all the latest updates on what’s new at PropertyMe.