So this is your first job in the PM industry? We’ve got you covered

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So this is your first job in the PM industry? We’ve got you covered

Starting out in a new job and industry is daunting at the best of times, however, it’s no secret that the property management industry is so fast-moving that for a newbie it can sometimes feel difficult to keep up. This doesn’t have to be the case, as with the right attitude, team and approach to adversity your freshman season in the industry can be filled with rewarding moments. With that being said it takes approximately 3 to 6 months to feel comfortable and at home in a new job, so above all, we encourage you to give yourself grace during that time. 

We all want to do our best on the first day and bring our all to a new job which can result in nerves, jitters, and heightened anxiety as the day approaches. So to help you out we spoke to the PropertyMe team and hand-picked our top tips and tricks for newbies in the property management industry. Let’s dive into them!

1. Have long-term goals and an action plan to achieve them

It’s likely that when you start a new role you’re filled with positive energy, wanting to make the most out of the upcoming opportunities. This motivation and excitement is wonderful, and when harnessed and put into an actionable plan it can set you up for ongoing success. In a recent study done by Michigan State University, it was found that 76% of people who wrote down their goals in conjunction with a plan actually achieved them.

While we could dig into SMART goals, and all of the high-level ways to track your progress, we don’t want to add more onto your plate when you’re already learning a new role. Instead, we recommend simply writing down three goals that you’d like to achieve in your first three months. These could be as simple as:

See, it doesn’t have to be complicated! From here we encourage you to write down the actions you can take to achieve these goals, for example; ‘every week I’ll make a list of questions to ask the team, or research in my own time to continue my learning’. After the three months is up and you’ve familiarised yourself with your role, then you can begin creating longer-term goals.

2. Approach challenges with a ‘solution-seeking’ mindset

It’s likely that you’ll encounter bumps in the road during your first few months in the industry. This is completely normal and a right of passage for any Property Manager. However, it’s the attitude in which you face these challenges, that determines the outcome and your future in the industry. We spoke with Kate Sunol, Product Marketing Manager, Business here at PropertyMe who elaborated. Stating that “not all tasks or all clients are easy. That’s ok, your ability to look at the facts and find solutions or resolutions is invaluable.” 

So what is a solution-seeking mindset? Well simply put it means that you recognise a problem and instead of dwelling on it, you begin searching for a solution. For example, this could present as sending a listing email to the incorrect clients, instead of dwelling on this simple mistake you could quickly recognise the error and instantly seek out the relevant team member who can show you where you went wrong. Not only does this show your new team that you’ve got a positive attitude, but it allows you to grow tenfold. Remember not to take things personally and know that tomorrow is always a new day!

3. Make sure you’re customer-focused

We’ve all heard the saying, the customer is king. This is especially true when you’re starting out as a Property Manager, as you’ll want to establish yourself as a trusted advisor and create strong relationships with your clients. So how can you do this?

With that being said it’s important to be cognizant of not overpromising and under-delivering with your clients. When we start out we want to go above and beyond, and while this is well-intentioned we can sometimes accidentally promise things that we can’t guarantee, or stray from keeping our client’s expectations levelled. In the long run, your clients will appreciate honesty and transparency over flashy statements and promises.

4. Familiarise yourself with PropertyMe

Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to the property management industry, PropertyMe is your one shop stop to aid you with your daily tasks. We allow you to automate your tasks and focus on the parts of your role that help you grow your business, such as servicing clients and lead generation. Our very own Christina Strelka, Customer Success & Onboarding Team Leader seconds this by stating, “I’d recommend taking advantage of all the free training available from PropertyMe and online forums.”

While PropertyMe is here to help you, it’s beneficial that you section out a bit of time to familiarise yourself with our platform. That way you can get the most out of it and upskill from the get-go. Luckily we offer two forms of training, the first being AccelerateMe, which allows you to undergo self-paced training, picking up the modules when you have a free moment. The second is our live training sessions also known as TrainMe, where you’ll watch a live demonstration from our trainer, Scott who will also assist in answering any questions. Pair these two together and you’ll be a PropertyMe wizard in no time!

5. Commit yourself to your learning and growth

This piece of advice may seem rather obvious, however, when you’re busy it’s the first thing to slip from your mind. Continuing to learn and grow is arguably the most valuable skill you could adopt for your career. It was found that employees with a growth plan were 3.5 times more likely to say that their onboarding experience was exceptional. However, beyond your onboarding period, it allows you to continue to expand into leadership roles by being open to change and willing to upskill.

So how do you commit yourself to your learning and growth? Firstly, we recommend that you go in with an open mind, and understand that no question is a silly question. However, beyond that, we recommend joining property management groups and forums, such as APMC on Facebook to pick up tips and tricks from other Property Managers. You could also search for a mentor who can guide you through your first year as a Property Manager, providing you with a shoulder to lean on and invaluable tips along the way. Vanessa Macdonald, Customer Success Manager here at PropertyMe elaborates. “Find a mentor whether it’s within your office or just within the property management industry, knowledge is power and there’s so much to learn from a seasoned PM when you’re just starting out!” 

So there you have it, our top 5 tips for new Property Managers. We can’t wait to see you crushing it! Let us know your thoughts on our top client appreciation event ideas by emailing [email protected]

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