10 unique client appreciation event ideas to promote connection

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10 unique client appreciation event ideas to promote connection

If you work in the real estate industry it’s likely that you’re familiar with client appreciation events. They serve as the perfect way to ensure that you’re at the centre of your community, keeping your bonds with existing clients strong as well as drumming up new business. This is exemplified as 97% of marketers who believe that in-person events have a major impact on achieving business outcomes. However, it’s easy for client appreciation events to become repetitive and redundant, resulting in low attendance numbers and impressions. 

This doesn’t have to be the case! As we return from a pandemic landscape, both individuals and companies alike are looking for interesting and innovative ways to throw events, to ensure maximum comfort and excitement from their attendees. With this all being said we’ve culminated a list of the top 10 unique client appreciation events to give you some inspiration for 2023. 

1. Pop-up markets

Pop-up markets are a great way to bring your entire community together, from children all the way to the more senior citizens. Hosting markets in your office, or car park (if available) is a great way to position your office and business as a community hub. Not only physically, but also as you’d be making connections with other local businesses and artisans who would make up your stallholders. As an added bonus, pop-up markets have a relatively low set-up cost as stallholders will be enticed to sell their own products at your event.

2. Sponsor local sporting events

We’re sure if you’ve been to any kid’s sporting events on the weekend, you would’ve seen ‘sponsored by’ billboards or signs from local businesses. While this idea isn’t super innovative by itself, we recommend kicking your local sports club sponsorships up a notch. No, this doesn’t mean investing more money, instead, it means investing more time. It’s relatively simple to sponsor a sporting team, however, it is far more impactful to allow your local community to put a face to the sponsorship. So pop on down to the local oval on a Saturday morning and encourage your team to pop on a charity sausage sizzle to support the local community!

3. Community wellness events

Community wellness events are a great way to bring your local community together, whilst allowing you to give back. Wellness events can include all of the usual suspects such as meditation, a fun run, massages, and yoga. Alternatively, they can include more unique activities such as sound healing, journalling, and crystal workshops. Community wellness events can be held before or after the workday rush and are a great way to unite people in a low-effort environment.

4. Night at the movies

Community movie nights are an example of a community event that allows you to put in as much or as little time and money as you like, whilst still ensuring a great night for all involved. From setting up some chairs and a screen in your staff car park or local park to renting out a local cinema, a night at the movies draws in community members, particularly families. You can go the extra mile by providing swag bags with all of your merchandise to get your name out there.

5. Ice cream pop up

Everyone loves an ice cream truck, with it evoking feelings of excitement and nostalgia for people of all ages! So if you’re wanting to make a memorable splash in your local community, renting out an ice cream truck to have posted up outside of your storefront for the day is a great way to draw in members from your community. Just be sure to share the pop-up all over your social media, to get the word out there before the day comes.

6. Collaborative art piece

A collaborative art piece is a great way to have your event last far longer than a couple of hours. We recommend inviting visitors to your office to add a splash of paint or a signature to a canvas or wall to create a unique art piece that will remind you of your community at all times. This is a great way to keep yourself connected and bring joy, not only to your clients but to your team as well.

7. Mystery gift grab

Thinking further into the year, when Christmas nears it would be a great time to put on a Mystery gift grab or lucky dip. During the day you could leave a bin of wrapped gifts outside of your reception or office and allow people within your suburb to take a gift and partake in the fun. After all, giving is the most rewarding gift during the holiday season!

8. Community library locker

Similarly to the previous idea, leaving a locker full of books outside of your office is a great way to service the bookworms in your community. The idea is to take a book and replace it with one of your own to keep the self-sustaining library going. We’re pretty certain you would’ve seen a community library locker in action before, so why not create your own?

9. Offer up your team’s talents

Everyone has their own talents that transcend beyond the workplace, so why not put them to good use? Have you got a soccer star in your midst? Encourage them to host a community soccer event. Perhaps you’ve got an outspoken and charismatic leader in the office? Encourage them to emcee a community bingo night. By putting your team’s talents to use, it allows the community to have a great time whilst also allowing them to get to know your team better.

10. Fill gaps in your community

Lastly, we encourage you to take matters into your own hands when it comes to planning a client appreciation event. Take a moment to have a brainstorming session and think about what your local area is currently missing. Particularly in smaller communities, there can be a shortage of coffee shops, running clubs, pizza restaurants, or craft groups. This allows a gap to be filled by your event and ensures high attendance numbers.

So there you have it, our top 10 unique client appreciation event ideas. We can’t wait to hear about the community events you host in 2023! Let us know your thoughts on our top client appreciation event ideas by emailing [email protected]

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