TenAnts Connect

With Ten Ants, connecting your utilities just got ten times easier. Just select the services you want connected and we’ll sort the rest – and best of all, it’s FREE! When you’re ready to move, so are we.

The TenAnts Connect moving services system enables you to directly receive connection requests from your PropertyMe account into TenAnts Connect. TenAnts and PropertyMe are integrated to streamline the lead generation process, and to seamlessly position the moving services sale for your clients property. After the lead has been triggered in TenAnts, a dedicated Agent will reach out and introduce the complimentary service to help your client move home. Each and every client referral will automatically be assigned against the partner account with full transparency and real time updates 24/7 via the Ten Ants Connect dashboard. A client is only contacted once per the request generated from PropertyMe and no further contact is made if the client opts out during the process or once the client has been serviced.