Direct Connect

Direct Connect is owned by Snowy Hydro, which makes us 100% Australian owned. We help make moving easy by offering a FREE service, organising connections such as electricity, gas, broadband, pay TV, insurance, cleaning, truck hire and removalists.

Our Melbourne based local call centre and support team will speak to each tenant and guide them through the moving process. Along with our incredible service for your tenants, we will look after you by delivering valuable time back to your work day along with our market leading rewards program.

How it works

Integrating PropertyMe with Direct Connect is easy. To link your software, visit to find a quick tutorial video which can guide you through the process in just a few easy steps. Once set up, just add the Direct Connect labels to clients who would like assistance with their connections and we will do the rest!

With a strong commitment to data privacy to go with the simplicity, Direct Connect has set up the integration with PropertyMe to only receive leads of customers who have specifically opted in for our service.