At connectnow, we’ve been helping Australians move home for over 16 years.

We’re all about delivering outstanding customer experiences to make moving easier; our dedicated Australian-based call centre can save your clients time by sorting their essential home moving needs in one phone call, and we work with a range of leading service providers.

To your clients, our service is simply an extension of your business – they often cannot distinguish between us and their property manager. We do the work; you get the thanks.

With your own Account Manager, a dedicated Partner Support team, access to energy deals for you and your business and much more, we make it easy and rewarding to do business with us.

The connectnow integration with Propertyme allows users to easily refer moving tenants to help sort out their essential connection needs when moving home. Users can easily mark contacts in Propertyme to be referred through to the connectnow moving team. Once a contact is marked the relevant details regarding the date and location of their move will be passed through to a moving specialist. They will then assist with connecting services such as electricity, gas, internet, phone, insurance and much more.