BYB Investors

BYB Investors helps rental providers / landlords assess and meet their properties minimum rental standards (in accordance with State requirements). The inspections are conducted by independent, insured professionals saving time for the property manager and eliminating risk for the rental provider / landlord.

About our business:

Our panel of inspectors refer to the minimum rental standards when assessing the property across a number of factors. This is looked at by State requirements and can include factors like structural soundness, weatherproof, rising damp, visual mould, locks, bins, toilets, parts of the bathroom facility requirements, kitchen and laundry facilities, windows and window covering, lighting, ventilation and heat.

Having BYB Investors integrate with your CRM enables automated email requests sent to the rental provider / landlord on behalf of the property manager. The rental provider / landlord can then follow the prompts to purchase a report. This will streamline processes, reduce the workload and save the property manager time. The property manager then has a paper trail to show they offered the best practise solution to their clients, whether they take it up or not.

BYB Investors recommends the property is assessed once every three (3) years, unless there is visual evidence to suggest it is required more often or the tenant raises an issue. This makes the inspections very affordable over that timeframe, and you can have confidence that a professional, insured inspector is completing the job.

The inspector will assess items required under State law. Once a report is completed, a certificate of compliance or non-compliance will automatically be posted back into your CRM. If there are items of non-compliance found, the property manager will have the opportunity to review these items prior to the report being provided to the rental provider / landlord. This allows the property manager to have time to assess a solution with the inspector and relevant tradesman, and then easily manage any discussions with the rental provider / landlord.