BPay Batch

Every business wants to save time. Now you can by using BPay® Batch.

What is BPay Batch?

Quite simply, it’s a system that allows you to make multiple BPay payments at one time to a particular biller – all through a single transaction file.

It’s faster, easier and far more convenient than making individual payments. Talk to your financial institution about the fees involved and the possible savings that you can make from using BPay Batch.

Using BPay Batch with PropertyMe

PropertyMe automatically extracts BPay details from the bills you upload so when you pay your suppliers who use BPay, such as the local council or water utility, you will be able to download a transaction file to upload to your bank and pay all your BPay suppliers in one go, just like EFT. PropertyMe supports the following banks:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Westpac
  • NAB
  • ANZ
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Bankwest
  • St George Bank

You simply have to contact your financial institution to turn it on, export the transaction file from PropertyMe and upload it to your online banking to pay everything automatically. It’s just too easy!