PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: Sorted


PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: Sorted

Admin is an unavoidable part of property management. First and foremost a people-focused industry, every hour you spend on administrative tasks like paperwork and data entry is an hour that you’re not spending on building relationships and enhancing the customer experience. But what if you could replace much of this admin with those high value tasks?

“I can’t imagine what working in lockdown would have been like without Sorted!”

“We now provide a seamless digital application and lease process that transforms our property management experience. After our first month, we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

Today we’ll be shining the PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight on Sorted, recipients of the above reviews and many more in the same vein.

What is Sorted?

Founded in 2017 by PropTech experts Andrew Duncan and Scott Kessler, Sorted helps over two thousand Australian property managers automate repetitive tasks, claiming back hours of time every week while delivering a high-end digital experience for tenants.

Sorted frees property managers from the clutches of admin, reduces data entry and digitises manual processes throughout the entire property management experience—from vacancy to application, agreement to occupancy and home setup to renewal.

The best bit? This all adds up to more money in the pocket, something that many of Australia’s leading real estate agents, including Nelson Alexander, Buxton, Independent and Geocon, have already discovered.

What’s more, Sorted also features a homeowner and tenant-side application aimed at reducing the equally tedious admin of life—the sorting of paperwork and paying of bills that no one feels like doing after they come home from a long day at work. This tool allows you to pay rent, manage maintenance, secure insurance, and set up and manage home services like electricity, gas and internet, all from a single, simple portal.

How does Sorted work with PropertyMe?

PropertyMe users can authenticate their account within Sorted with a single click, automatically syncing property and user data.

That simple, one click functionality opens up a whole new world of time-saving possibilities in the Sorted platform, including:

  • Mobile-first tenant applications, which are incredibly simple for tenants to fill out and agencies to manage, granting you control over your data
  • Automated reference checking helping you find the best tenants faster (with response rates of 70% or more)
  • Integrated ID verification and tenancy database checks, removing a number of time-consuming tasks
  • Automated landlord recommendations on shortlisted candidates (with the flexibility to add your personal touch)
  • Seamless digital lease signing for new and renewed leases
  • Automated rent payments
  • End-to-end maintenance management (including a mobile solution for your trades, streamlining the requesting and management of requests)
  • Revenue generation opportunities available within the unique tenant digital marketplace. Tenants can manage all aspects of their home through one mobile app, including connecting to services, setting up insurance, requesting a removalist, paying rent, viewing lease documentation and so much more

Sorted has been built to be as simple or as comprehensive as you might like. The modular design means agencies can start simple, fast and free before growing into the platform, utilising its leasing, payments and trades features, along with many more.

What does the future of Sorted look like?

While the platform already offers an extensive suite of functionality, the Sorted team are continuing to improve and expand their offering. Speaking with Scott Kessler, Sorted’s co-founder, it becomes apparent that there are currently a wealth of update irons in the fire.

“We are currently working on offering the automated insertion of tenancies and renewals into PropertyMe. It’s a feature that almost all of our agencies will stand to benefit from, so we’re really looking forward to making that a reality in 2021.”

On top of this automation, Scott says that Sorted’s customers can look forward to the following features being offered in the not-too-distant future:

  • Rent deposit and payment suite enhancements aimed at maximising on-time payments and arrears performance
  • Maintenance and trade invoice integration into PropertyMe
  • A free application platform that allows agents to replace outdated legacy application form processes

In short, the future of Sorted looks decidedly rosy—a good thing for both current customers and those looking for a better way to manage either the administration of life or property management.

With Sorted taking care of the dull and the dreary, the monotonous and the laborious, you get to do more of what you enjoy.

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