PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: SimpleRent


PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: SimpleRent

“SimpleRent has saved my agency hours per week and made our lives easier.”

“Our team loves SimpleRent and the efficiencies we have gained in our property management business.”

This month, we’re shining the PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight on SimpleRent, the property management payments disruptor that has been recognised as a finalist in the 2019 FinTech Awards.

What is SimpleRent?

It all started with a simple yet shocking LPMA statistic: 20% of a property manager’s working week can be spent on payment-related activities.

As SimpleRent CEO Ben Skeggs recalled, “We looked deeper at this statement in conjunction with property managers and mapped all the touch points, or perhaps more accurately pain points.”

It soon became apparent that rental property payments in Australia were stuck in the 80s and there was an opportunity to enact change and disrupt the industry.

Thus SimpleRent was launched to not only push Australian rental property payments into the new millennium, but also to drastically improve the tenant payments experience and place property managers on the leading edge of their industry in 2020 and beyond.

PropertyMe and SimpleRent

“By automating mundane and time-consuming payment-related activities, property managers gain time back in their day to engage with their owners and uncover the best opportunities for their investments,” Skeggs explained.

The platform automatically chases up missed payments, even for utility bills, before the property manager begins their day. “Our goal is to design a system that is as simple as it is complete.”

“However, we recognise that there’s a symbiotic relationship between property managers and tenants. In order to streamline payments for property managers and agencies, it’s critical that we first simplify the payments process for tenants, so we did just that.”

SimpleRent also makes setting up tenant payments quick and easy. Tenants can be set up in the system within 60 seconds, at which point they can process payments via their smartphones without visiting the agency.

SimpleRent’s approach is a win for all involved, whether property manager, owner, tenant or agency:

  • Property managers can save hours every week, can set up entry, bond and rental payments with one click, and can minimise in-person contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Owners enjoy a powerful payment collection system that follows up with tenants seven days a week, while also gaining access to SimpleDiscounts.
  • Tenants can set up payments with a simple SMS, slash their normal transaction fees and access SimpleDiscounts.
  • Agencies pay nothing to enjoy all these perks, not even for SMS. In fact, SimpleRent will pay your agency to join their Leader Advisory Panel and provide feedback.

How does SimpleRent work with PropertyMe?

PropertyMe SimpleRent one click integration

One click. That’s all it takes to synchronise payment data between PropertyMe and SimpleRent, subsequently allowing you to automate tenant payments and much more. With one click you can save hours of time, avoid time-consuming manual processes and be confident that your payment records are 100% accurate.

Thereafter, the SimpleRent integration offers the following functionality:

  • One click to view all new lease payments in real-time
  • One click to view initial or failed payments without having to wait for receipting
  • One click to trigger invoice setups
  • One click to link a tenant
  • And many more time-saving features
SimpleRent PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight Alice Hagen Quote

RE/MAX First Caloundra Head of Property Management Charlie Campbell said, “A favourite feature is the ability to set up tenants for their deposit, entry, bond and rent payments.”

“A simple click allows our tenants to process payments via their mobile phone, any missed payments are automatically chased up, and adding invoices throughout the tenancy is a breeze. Our tenants also love the rewards through SimpleDiscounts.”

What does the future of SimpleRent look like?

SimpleRent isn’t a company to rest on its laurels. Having been recognised as a finalist in the 2019 FinTech Awards for Payments Innovator of the Year, the fire for disruption burns bright.

A culture of continuous innovation means that features to simplify and improve the lives of property managers are constantly being dreamt up and brought to reality. In fact, it’s something that SimpleRent’s user base has become accustomed to.

Calibre Real Estate Principal Alice Hagen remarked, “I expect to see more exciting releases from the SimpleRent team in the future, helping us to continually increase our efficiencies in-house.”

SimpleRent is currently developing digital smart lease functionality, which it is aiming to release on the platform in the second half of 2020. These smart leases promise to help agencies simplify tenant onboarding by digitising the entire process.

Despite constant additions, enrichments and improvements, this company has somehow managed to stay true to its name. SimpleRent promises simplicity, and delivers it in spades.

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