PropertyMe’s 2023 in review


PropertyMe’s 2023 in review

With the new year drawing closer, quicker than I’m sure most of us anticipated, it’s imperative that we take a moment to reflect on the year that was, celebrate our achievements and champion each other’s successes. As much as we say this every year, 2023 has been a particularly busy one for the team, both professionally and personally. Professionally we’ve been dotting across the country and our neighbouring New Zealand, to meet with new prospective clients and connect with our existing community members. Beyond that, we’ve also had some astronomical releases that proved to be a labour of love for the team. When we weren’t working, our team jet-setted to new locations and some even welcomed bubs (furry and human alike). So take a deep dive into what 2023 held for PropertyMe!

19 events and conferences attended

In 2023 we had the pleasure of attending 18 industry events, and hosting our inaugural PartnerMe event. That equates to many words spoken, and a hefty amount of accumulative steps for our Sales Team, who were busy setting off around Australia and New Zealand. We wanted to thank the teams at Belle Property, Stafflink, AREC, TPS, PMC, REIWA, REISA, REIV, Property Management Partners, Mitchell PT and O’Brien Real Estate for hosting phenomenal events! We always relish the opportunity to meet with our community and show them how to get the most out of our feature-rich platform. Beyond the obvious highlight of getting to see your smiling faces in person, we must say that our interactive photobooth at AREC 2023 and the live painter we welcomed to our booth at TMC 2023 were standouts. 

As previously mentioned, we also hosted our inaugural industry event, for our PropertyMe partner program. The event was held in September and allowed us to bring our partners together to express our thanks for their support and facilitate conversations surrounding how we can further innovate and improve the industry. The event was a success and has only inspired us to collaborate and host our community more in the future. We can’t wait to see what the 2024 conference season has in store and we hope to see you all then!

30 features released or updated

As long as the Earth continues turning, we will continue to work on new features and updates, to keep you ahead of the curve. 2023 was no different as our Product Team released over 30 new or updated features, impacting everything from the way your tenants pay rent to our support process. It was fantastic to hear your feedback through feature requests and comments on social media or the feature release notes themselves. They not only helped to inform our future releases but also allowed us to gauge what you wanted and needed. 

While they say you should never have a favourite child, a few of this year’s releases hold an extra special place in our hearts. Namely, MePay, as it was our biggest release to date, revolutionising the way our Property Managers collect rent and streamlining the tenant-to-agency pipeline. We cannot wait to continue innovating and updating MePay to make it even more efficient. Beyond that the team enjoyed releasing our Tasks, Templates and Checklists feature in mid-2023. This release was met with positive sentiment from our community, as it allowed for improved organisation and efficiency. We spoke to Chief Product Officer, Scott Shepherd about what 2024 means for our product team “2024 is shaping up to be a huge year for the Product Team and all of our users. We have a number of big new features currently in Beta which we should see go live in Q1 of 2024. For future features, we are aiming to streamline workflows to reduce manual work and save our customers money but most importantly time, to free them up to do what they do best.”

17 internal events celebrated

As hard as we work here at PropertyMe, we believe that it’s equally important to celebrate our team and their accomplishments. Whether that’s a few celebratory cupcakes or a company-wide get-together the sentiment is always the same. As our team expanded rapidly in 2023 we were given 12 chances to champion our team members who had birthdays, anniversaries or joined the company with an afternoon of sweet treats. Beyond that, we had five larger company-wide events that allowed us to let our hair down, give each other a metaphorical pat on the back and get inspired about the future. 

Our most memorable team event was to celebrate PropertyMe’s 10th anniversary, beyond being a joyous occasion marked with nibbles, champagne and jovial spirits; it served as a pinch-me moment for the team, to see just how far we’ve all come. This sentiment was only heightened as we had a videographer capture the raw reactions of the team. Beyond this, we also adopted a new company update schedule, moving to quarterly company updates. This schedule proved to work well and served as more of a momentous update, allowing the different teams to view their work on a grander scale. It also provided us with the opportunity to spotlight team members who had worked closely on new releases and campaigns.

8 employee milestone anniversaries reached

2023 also saw us celebrate the milestone anniversaries of eight PropertyMe employees. Chris, Christina, Mads, Caitlin, Scott L, Peter, Winnie and Holly S have all been with PropertyMe for five years or more, which is no easy feat in an ever-evolving tech industry. We believe this is a testament to the culture we’ve built, with a focus on the people who make our platform what it is, and ensuring that they feel connected with the platform, their team and most importantly themselves! When asked about his time at PropertyMe, Territory Manager, Chris Craft stated “My time at PropertyMe has flown by in the blink of an eye, so it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on it. It’s been a pleasure to watch the company and platform grow, whilst being a part of it. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and continue to grow our community”. We can’t wait to see what the next five years bring for our long-serving and new team members alike.

916 new subscribers welcomed

This year hasn’t only been a big one for our Product Team, with all of our teams working particularly hard. This can certainly be said for our Onboarding Team who have welcomed 916 new subscribers since January. This is an astronomical number, considering our current market share and is a testament to the high quality of service that our team provides. We also wanted to extend a huge welcome to Chris and Putu who have joined the Onboarding Team and are only going from strength to strength.

We thank you all for your glowing reviews, they certainly don’t go unnoticed and allow us to shine a light on the terrific work of our team. We briefly spoke to Onboarding Team Leader, Christina Strelka who reflected on 2023, “Seeing our new software besties complete their onboarding journey can be a little bittersweet, but reading these reviews just puts the biggest smiles on our faces. Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken time out of their day to share their migration and onboarding experience. We get that implementing software is a big deal, and we love how confident and happy you are in PropertyMe!”

304 user group discussions

If you aren’t already a part of our Official User Group, we recommend that you get involved! However, for active members, we see your feedback and thank you for it. The user group has seen over 304 group discussions in the past year, which is a credit to our community who are assisting each other as well as providing us with valuable insights to improve our platform and service. Of our user group members we want to champion Harry Sinclair, Tara Hore, Melly Yan, Sandra Lee and Leanne Parsons who are top contributors. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen many a topic discussed, however, there have been some recurring themes. The most popular user group topics were processing EOFY through PropertyMe, general tenancy queries and MePay activation queries. Chief Customer Officer, Sarah Dawson thanked our community for their valuable feedback, sharing that “We are continually gathering feedback to help guide the direction of our platform and appreciate the contributions across the community. As customers of PropertyMe, your insights are invaluable and allow us another window into the day-to-day challenges of our customers.”

With all of these stats in mind, it’s truly the intangible moments we’ve had with you that have made our year extra special. We look forward to 2024 with a renewed sense of excitement and clarity, as we search for opportunities to innovate, push the boundaries and connect with more of you than ever before. We can’t wait to see what 2024 holds, and we’re so excited to have you all onboard with us!

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