A peek into May at PropertyMe 


A peek into May at PropertyMe 

May—the month that firmly let us know that winter was coming, with wet days and frosty nights. While many were seen reaching for their jackets and retreating to the warmth of their beds and couches, some of the team were fortunate enough to escape to the warmth of the Gold Coast for AREC 2022. For those who remained in Sydney, feature releases and exciting updates kept them busy. As we move closer to winter and EOFY, we implore you to take the time to reflect on all you’ve achieved over the past financial year. May the next year be filled with even more opportunities for the industry!

AREC 2022

Let us begin by thanking everyone we had the pleasure of meeting or reconnecting with at AREC. We were overjoyed by the support and positive energy of the PropertyMe community. Our team was left feeling uplifted by the conversations they were able to have. It was such a treat to see you all face-to-face after a long two years of lockdowns and restrictions. 

The entire weekend was filled with excitement, from the moment we began setting up our exhibition booth to the moment it was time to pack it down. We thoroughly enjoyed the guest speakers and industry experts, such as Matthew McConaughey and Mel Robbins who filled us with their wisdom and passion for life. As well as the networking event that allowed us to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. We cannot wait to see you all again next year!

May feature releases

It’s no surprise there was plenty of excitement to go around in the busy month of May, and this extended to our two feature releases. Our first feature release dropped at the start of the month, and was an enhancement of our highly requested lease renewal fee prompt that was released in April. The enhancement allows you to choose between an upcoming or current weekly rent when creating a lease renewal bill. 

Our second feature release occurred at the end of May and was welcomed by many members of the PropertyMe community with open arms. This release saw the addition of our new Re-let = Yes/ No feature. This allows you to easily flag properties as ‘Not available for Re-let’. The property will then be excluded from the Vacancy rate and clearly marked in the Vacancies list and on relevant reports. We hope you enjoy our new feature releases as much as we do.

May Lunch & Learn

In typical PropertyMe fashion, we hosted another Lunch & Learn this month, with a small twist. We had the lovely Nicole from Trustd Figures join us to discuss all things EOFY. Nicole shared her wisdom and helpful tips to make your EOFY prep not seem as daunting. Our favourite tip was to make sure you check your adjustments and any unknown funds! If you haven’t already, check out our Lunch & Learn here.

PM Shine events

In May we also had the privilege of attending the LJ Hooker PM Shine events in Sydney and Canberra. We were so thankful to be asked to join the LJ Hooker team at these events, and talk to members of our community. If you’re attending any of the upcoming PM Shine events, we encourage you to look out for some PropertyMe goodies! 

EOFY preparation

As you’re all aware EOFY is looming, typically bringing up feelings of stress and panic for Property Managers. However, it doesn’t have to, with PropertyMe you can take the hassle out of EOFY. Although, we do understand that there are some tasks that must be completed without the assistance of PropertyMe, so we encourage you to refamiliarise yourself with our ultimate guide to EOFY. Most importantly, we hope you take the time to prioritise yourself during this busy period!

Thank you for taking the time to read about May at PropertyMe, we look forward to sharing new updates with you again next month!

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