How to prepare for your next listing appointment 


How to prepare for your next listing appointment 

A listing appointment is an exciting opportunity for a Property Manager. However, it also can be a stressful one too.

You book in a time with your new potential landlord to explain why you’re the best Property Manager to manage their investment, look after their tenants and maximise their rental returns, all in the hope that they’ll choose you.

There’s a lot riding on the outcome of every listing appointment as you’re more than likely up against other local Property Managers and so, how well you present will determine if you secure the property or not.

However, just like any other sales presentation, it all comes down to being prepared. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be and the more professional and thorough you will look to your client.

So, to help, we’re going to outline 8 of our top tips to help you shine during your next listing appointment so you can impress more clients, win more properties and earn the success you deserve.

What is a listing appointment?

A listing appointment is a Property Manager’s most important role, aside from managing the properties themselves. It involves meeting with prospective landlords for the opportunity to win their business by explaining why you’re the best option.

A property management listing appointment is basically a sales meeting where you usually have one chance to impress your prospective clients and reassure them that their property will be in the best hands with you. The more of these appointments you convert, the more profitable you and your agency will be.

Here are the main ways you can set yourself apart from all of the others.

How to ace your property management listing appointments

It’s all about the prework

You don’t want to show up to your meeting and have that be the first time you’ve met or actually spoken to the client. People like to feel appreciated and valued, and a little love early on can really make you stand out.

So, once you’ve set up a time to meet, send your potential clients an agenda of the meeting along with some general prereading materials for their perusal so that you make an impact from the very start.

You can even ask your clients for a few details about the home and circumstances to create a bespoke presentation.

Woo them from the very first minute

Now it’s time for the actual appointment and first impressions last. So, ensure you have all of the niceties down. For instance, be at least 10 minutes early so you’re calm and ready to go. It also shows you respect their time.

Have all of your documents and devices ready for your presentation and make sure you’ve learned your clients’ names and their property addresses so you’re not fumbling with the basics.

Greet the clients confidently and look the part, especially if you have an agency uniform. Branded materials also help as they show how professional and thorough you are.

Open with a focus on them

People love to feel they have a voice and they’re respected enough to be heard. So, let your clients begin the meeting by prompting them to explain the situation and their expectations. Not only does this allow them to set the scene and for you to gather all of the details, but you can also gauge the kind of client they are so you can accommodate this.

For instance, if they’ve had past issues with previous property managers, then you know that your approach needs to be reassuring.

If they’re reserved, then you can open them up with lots of questions. Or if they’re very convinced, then you may want to take a more educational approach, and so on.

Bring along a tailored Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

When it comes to leasing values and potential rental amounts, you don’t want to be guessing your way through or making complete assumptions in the spur of the moment. 

Instead, create a local and customised CMA that you can show to each client. This way, you’re clear about the facts, you’ve done research about the market and you’re familiar with their local community.

In the end, both you and your potential client want to earn the most return on their investment. So, providing a comparative market analysis is a good way to set expectations while showing you’ve got a handle on realistic data.

Social proof makes a big difference

During a sales presentation like this, you’re essentially wanting the client to take your word for your service levels. However, today, people want proof, especially in the form of previous results, stories and recommendations.

So, bring along some client testimonials and be prepared to share a few real success stories that can add greater credibility to your approach.

Stand out for all the right reasons

A listing appointment is your opportunity to convince your prospective landlords why you’re different from the rest. So, give them that reason by showing them an eye-catching listing presentation that covers everything that makes you special.

This should include:
– An introduction to you and your agency
– Local market data
– Your processes and procedures
– Your leasing and rental strategies
– The unique differences that set you apart

Then, after you’re done, leave some collateral and a business card for your prospective clients as they will consider you long after you’ve left. If you don’t leave anything, then it’s easier to forget you amongst all of the other Property Managers.

Use quality Property Management software to stay ahead and organised

As a Property Manager, dedicated property management software such as PropertyMe can help you stay super organised and on top of everything you need to do with regard to each property under your management.

Not only does this help to make your life much, much easier, but it will also help showcase why you’re the best choice, through consistent onboarding journeys, custom implementation plans, checklists and other remarkable features.

It makes a big impression on potential clients if they know you are backed by industry-leading digital technology that helps you help them.

Follow up

Never just wait for the client to come back to you after your appointment as this can show that you’re either complacent or too busy. Instead, simply re-engage with them when sufficient time has passed but not too soon that they feel suffocated. 

Set yourself a reminder in PropertyMe and keep your finger on the pulse. This will help you see more success.

Evolve your property management approach with PropertyMe

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