January Release: Property Managers can digitally sign Entry Inspection Reports


January Release: Property Managers can digitally sign Entry Inspection Reports

In this month’s release, we are excited to announce that we have added agent signatures to Entry Inspection Reports, as well as a compliance and utilities section, meaning reports can now be completed by Property Managers digitally before providing to tenants.

We’ve now made it easier than ever to quickly reference the correct ‘preferred name’ for clients, with the addition of a person’s Primary Contact/Salutation field on property and contact screens.

There is also a PropertyMe Identity upgrade that will be rolled out to all agency team members starting this month which provides a new login experience, simplified user profile management, the ability to add a recovery phone number for two-factor authentication, and device and session management. 

Property Managers can digitally sign and complete entry inspection reports

Property Managers now have the ability to apply their signature, complete all required fields, and finalise Entry Inspection Reports from the Agent app, making the report 100% ready to download or print.

You can download or update the PropertyMe Agent app by heading to the App Store or the Google Play Store on your device today.

To set up and store your signature, jump into the PropertyMe Agent app on your iOS or Android device and head to settings and then tap on “Signature” to draw your signature. You can also head to the User Profile section in PropertyMe to upload an image of your signature.

The new “Compliance/Utilities” tab is where you can digitally complete all of the information that appears on the first few pages of your Entry & Exit Inspection Reports. Items such as water meter readings, smoke alarm information, health issues, water efficiency compliance and more are now available.

To find out more about signing and completing Entry Inspection Reports, head to our Release Notes here.

Display Primary Person and Salutation fields

To quickly reference how to address clients when speaking with them, the Primary Contact and Salutation fields will now be displayed when you access a property and contact in both a web browser and within the Agent App. 

The Salutation field has also been added to the Contact Details report.

New login screen and two-factor authentication

Last year we introduced PropertyMe Identity for your owners and tenants to use when accessing mobile apps and Client Access. Starting from this month we will be progressively rolling out our new PropertyMe Identity. Users will begin to see the new look login and have access to extra 2 factor authentication features. You can continue to use your existing login credentials but keep an eye out for further updates.

These changes bring new and improved capabilities for managing your PropertyMe account:

  • Simplified user profile management
  • Ability to add a recovery phone number for two-factor authentication when you don’t have access to your original authentication device
  • Device and session management, with the ability to remotely log out of active sessions

Please review our knowledge base article to find out more information regarding our new identity enhancements and keep an eye out for further updates regarding an official release date.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the features we’ve added to PropertyMe. As always, thank you for being part of the PropertyMe community.